Главная 7 How to spend an autumn vacation in Kiev 2015

How to spend an autumn vacation in Kiev 2015

Than to take the child on an autumn vacation in Kiev

How to spend an autumn vacation in Kiev 2015

They are about to come, yet the long-awaited autumn holidays. Of course, now moms have to come up with something to do with the child on vacation, so that it’s fun, and useful, and not very expensive. We simplified your life and selected 10 interesting events and places where you can go with your child during the autumn holidays in Kiev.


Autumn holidays are a great time for space travel. Go with the children to the Yellow Planet, where, using a special card and carrying out challenging tasks, go through the route, at the end of which you will certainly be waiting for prizes!

In addition, the travelers of the Yellow Planet will be able to:

  • play with toys from the future luminous designer LaserPegs and real robots;
  • to participate in creative master classes;
  • Visit an exciting chemical show from Experimentanium;
  • look into real microscopes and telescopes;
  • To take part in races-competitions of cyber-cockroaches;
  • to leave with soft yellow asteroids-pillows;
  • take a photo with the alien and moon rover;
  • to train the memory and study space vocabulary in the game Memo from the school of English Green Country.

  • See the weightless air gymnasts who dance, literally not feeling the earth under their feet, and on no less plastic acrobats invites Sky Family Park in the circus's Angels show. In addition, you will see nimble jugglers and funny clowns (that circus without them!), And after the presentation of more and transformers, dinosaurs, and exotic animals.

    Where: Sky Family Park, on the territory of SEC SkyMall, Prospect General Vatutina 2-t

    When: October 22 December 14, 2015. Exhibitions are open every day, 11: 00-21: 00

    Contacts: (099) 100 44 77, (098) 100 44 77, (093) 100 44 77


    How to spend an autumn vacation in Kiev 2015

    Autumn holidays end with Halloween. It is necessary to celebrate it properly in order to relieve all negative energy and to enter into an unequal fight with the school science with new forces.

    To do this, you can go to another school: on October 31, for the first time in Ukraine and only in the Gulliver mall for the Halloween holiday, opens its doors, the only one accredited by the Ministry of Monstrous Affairs, High School of Monsters!