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How to put an enema child

How to put an enema child

How to put an enema child

How to properly put an enema child is not always this question, parents can respond immediately, especially if until this point they did not have such an experience.

It’s scary to do something wrong, because in the hands of a little man, who can be hurt or uncomfortable.

In order to avoid negative feelings in the child, it is important for parents to be sure that they do and remember that the enema is not scary, it is important to just know some rules and observe them.

How correctly to put an enema and what in general it can help a child, we will tell in our today’s article.

Enema procedure for the introduction of a liquid into the rectum with therapeutic or diagnostic purpose.

Depending on the purpose pursued in their use, enemas are divided on:

  • Purifying helps to relieve the intestines of stool;
  • therapeutic (medicinal) are carried out with the purpose of influence of a medicine through an intestine;
  • nutritious will help with severe vomiting;
  • Oils are a laxative for long-acting.

To conduct enema, young children are most often used syringes small pear-shaped rubber cylinders, with a soft tip of the same material (continuation of the syringe) or with removable tips made of solid plastic. The volume of such syringes can be from 30 to 360 ml.