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How to restore the immunity of a child after an antibiotic?

How to raise immunity to a child after an antibiotic?

The fact that antibiotics adversely affect the body has been known for a long time. If there is an opportunity to cure a child without resorting to these medications, then it is better to refuse them. If the antibiotic is unavoidable, it is important to know how to immunize the baby after them. There are many proven methods for this.

Very often most doctors for the treatment of colds prescribe a child an antibiotic. Some parents, engaged in self-treatment of the baby, just do not understand, treat children with these drugs.

Antibiotics not only treat, but also depress the body: their effect is directed not only at destruction, evil; bacteria, they also destroy and useful.

  1. Violation of the hormonal background.
  2. Increased intestinal permeability.
  3. Dysbacteriosis.
  4. Allergic reactions to many foods.
  5. Weak immunity due to the constant struggle with allergens.
  6. The rarest, yet possible manifestation; it is immunodeficiency, leading to cancer, future infertility.

Antibiotics can disrupt the work of organs that produce cells that protect the body – the liver and thymus. The liver suffers especially strongly, it is charged with a double load when the body is cleansed.

Some antibiotics block the proliferation of blood cells, without which the work of immunity is impossible.

  • Destroying and destroying useful bacteria, the antibiotic becomes the cause of weakening of immunity. Together with bad die and good bacteria of the gastrointestinal tract, which adversely affects digestion.
  • Good bacteria affect the process of digestion, help nutrients get into the blood and further throughout the body. The decrease in the intake of useful substances in the body disrupts the work of all organs. Therefore, the child after the disease and taking antibiotics for a long time, there is weakness and poor health.
  • The liver starts to work worse, it can not perform its protective function qualitatively.
  • Dysbacteriosis develops: the microflora in the intestine is completely disturbed when taking antibiotics.

Also, to enhance immunity, instead of sugar in a child's tea, you can add natural honey , if the crumb does not have allergies.

How to restore the immunity of a child after an antibiotic?

Black tea for the duration of the course of enhancement and restoration of immunity is better replaced with green. Green tea ; a wonderful drink, it will help to remove toxins from the body after the antibiotic.

Hardening should be started gradually, so that the baby's body gets used.

  • More walk with the child in any weather: frost, wind, hot sun, rain. Just do not take the child out for a walk in cold weather if he has a cold.
  • Air baths. The temperature of air for the first time should not be below 22 degrees of heat, after getting used it can be lowered by 1 degree.
  • Sleep with an open window - a good method of hardening.
  • Wiping with a wet towel - this is the first step to dousing. You can start wiping from one year of age.
  • PouringPerhaps, if the child is completely healthy, and he is not less than two years old. Initially, water should be at room temperature. Then you can lower the temperature by 1 degree. Street pouring is possible if the child is well tolerated at home, and is at least 12 years old.
  • Pool. Write the child to the swimming section.
  • Walking barefoot. Begin to teach the child to be barefoot from the age of two. Initially, wear to him only thin socks, and then go to a completely barefoot walk around the house. From three years old you can walk barefoot in the summer on the grass.

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