Главная 7 How to help your child become more self-confident: practical advice

How to help your child become more self-confident: practical advice

How to help your child become more self-confident: practical advice

How to help your child become more self-confident: practical advice

You probably noticed: some kids are active, smart, leaders and leaders, and others – shy and shy.

Why does one child immediately become the soul of the company, and the other is afraid to make friends with someone or just openly smile?

Insecurity in itself is a much more common trait than many people think, but it is usually carefully concealed.

Robustness and shyness arise in the child, mainly because of feelings of anxiety and insecurity in one’s own safety. The reason for this behavior is often the wrong methods of education.

Sometimes (someone even very often), parents may not notice that they criticize their child, find fault with him, look for mistakes in his behavior. Not a single child was helped by her screaming and swearing to become more self-confident.

Why is self-confidence so important?

It is proved that boys are better read in the classroom where the teacher believes that they really learn to read faster. And girls, accordingly, are better read in that class, where believe in their ability.

In no case should you insult and humiliate a child, let others do it. More often tell the child that you believe in it and love it very much

How to help your child show his abilities and knowledge

Always expect from a child that he is capable of anything, praise him for it. Before the event, encourage me: I know that you will try hard, afterwards also support: I know that you tried very hard.

Put such tasks and thus, so that the child can cope with them. Do not be afraid to help him if necessary, but let this help be unobtrusive.

Direct it to the right action, but carefully. When the child collects a puzzle of 50 elements, offer him a puzzle of 70, then from 100. If he does not cope with the new step, find a simpler picture of the puzzle.

Let the offspring understand that Mom can also be wrong: Ehh what have I done. Now we have to start all over again. Tell him that you also need support: Seryozha, I need your support now. Give me a hug .

The main mistake of parents: you can pay off

Very often parents do not even realize that they are trying to increase their children's self-esteem with the help of material things.

Psychologists conducted a study in which 250 children and adolescents 8-18 years old participated. Experts asked them to compose a collage of words and images on the topic What makes me happy. It turned out that children with lower self-esteem selected certain items, for example, new gadgets or clothes. Participants with higher self-esteem chose words and pictures with intangible components.