Главная 7 How to establish a relationship with a teacher in a kindergarten

How to establish a relationship with a teacher in a kindergarten

How to establish a relationship with a teacher in a kindergarten

How to establish a relationship with a teacher in a kindergarten

If you are one of the moms who want to get out of maternity leave quickly, sooner or later, you have to give the child to a kindergarten.

At present, the choice of preschool institutions is huge. These are municipal kindergartens, private gardens, early development centers, home-style gardens and many others. In fact, whatever conditions you are offered and how much money you would not pay for the education of the child, the most important thing is what people work with him.

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So, if you have already decided where your child will go, the conditions of detention and qualification of the staff suits you, then it’s time to establish contact with the child’s educators. It’s no secret that a respectful attitude towards parents is a pledge of a good attitude to the child. But it is necessary to tell about the peculiarities of the character of the new ward to the tutor – this will help to establish relationships in the “quot; child-educator” quot; model.

What the provider needs to know about your child

1. From the very first days, bringing the child into the garden, try, as much as possible, more tell the tutor about him. Do not hesitate to talk about the specifics of upbringing in your family, so the teacher will be easier to understand the baby and find an approach to it. Tell the teacher about favorite activities of the child, games, features of temperament. It is important to note that he likes to eat and from which categorically refuses. Tell us how to put your son or daughter to bed. Perhaps the child has certain health problems, about which it is necessary to know the educator (allergy, chronic diseases, etc.).

If something more serious happened, the child received a severe bruise, fracture, cut, carefully sort out the cause of the incident. First of all, this will also be the responsibility of the preschool management. If the fault of the caregiver is proved (for example, he left the children unattended), the most stringent measures will be applied to him, up to and including dismissal. But sometimes children are accidentally injured even by the most attentive teacher. Then, in accordance with the job description, the educator should immediately notify the parents about the incident and provide the necessary medical assistance.

How to establish a relationship with a teacher in a kindergarten

The teacher complains of the child

It's not always complaints about an uncontrolled child that speak of a teacher's incompetence. Most often, complaints arise on too active, aggressive and agile children. Understand: if the teacher really does not have enough experience, tell me more about how to cope with the child, but perhaps it makes sense to turn to a psychologist to help the child adapt to the children's team.

And a little more at the end There are times when the educator simply did not like. It seems that there is nothing to complain about, but for some reason you do not like it. Do not rush to take the child out of this garden. Remember that he goes here not to the educator, but, above all, to his friends. Kindergarten is only a stage in the life of the child, and if at this stage professionals work with it is already good.