Главная 7 How do we manipulate children: 14 successful tricks

How do we manipulate children: 14 successful tricks

How do we manipulate children: 14 successful tricks

How do we manipulate children: 14 successful tricks

Our children are excellent manipulators. Upscale and professional! After all, we, adults, often do not even track their tricks. But it is thanks to a variety of childish manipulations in your house there are incomprehensible and absolutely unnecessary items, checks from the supermarket are increasingly causing painful regret, and staying at the parents’ meeting is a desire to get under the desk with shame.

Today we present to you 14 most successful childish manipulations, having heard that every parent, like a rabbit before a boa, instantly loses the will and logic.

1. I’ll play a little more (I’ll watch cartoons). Yes, at first a little more, then a little more, and then you also do not have time to blink an eye, how a little will turn into a minimum of an hour, and then it’s not just time to sleep! Because the process of the game, like the cartoons, never end, it’s just worth remembering!

Exit: clearly observe the regime of the day. If the dinner is scheduled for 2 pm, and the retreat at 9 pm, show willpower and do not yield to any persuasion. The effect of the alarm clock works well, get a clock or a mobile phone for a certain time and tell the child that the game stops at the signal.

8. Buy it for me, and I must I will never ask for anything again, I will eat well all month, I will always clean my toys, I will finish a quarter without triples. To get the desired child, I am ready to promise you even a flight to the moon, why do I waste time on J?

Exit: to understand the global scale of children's promises and not wait for the impossible. Never - this is until again something very much will not want (who said it will not happen tomorrow night?), But always - it's about 1 day. By the way, if you are married, then with all these promises should be long and well-known

9. And Zhenya has three such Usually this method is used to extort purchases of absolutely unnecessary things. It works on all 100%, because it affects several secret parents' souls: once the parents of another child bought it, maybe this is the right thing; than my child is worse; I can not please the child? Needless to say, what do you do after at least these three thoughts have swept through your head? That's right, humbly go to the checkout.

Exit: smile, nod, patch the child in the hair and just go on. You can not? Then pretend that you do not know where you got it from.