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History of non-traditional families

Non-traditional families: the second story

History of non-traditional families

Famous journalist Anna Krasilchik for the portal “SUCH BUSINESS” quot; described three real stories of non-traditional families. Appreciate the flow, sensuality and extraordinary storyline. For many, this will be a great revelation.

Wanting a child closer to forty, Nina found that there was no one to conceive him. An old friend came to the rescue

Until I was 36 years old, I had no doubts: I would never decide to give birth in my life and I do not need it. Because I did not want my children to treat me the way I treated my parents in a certain period of time. My parents divorced when I was 21 years old. There was so much baseness, so many idiotic men’s actions

It was a very difficult divorce, which became for me a serious disappointment in the institution of marriage. For a long time I led a fairly active and free lifestyle mdash; exactly the opposite of the way of life that leads when they want to give birth to children. And then something happened. Obviously, a woman unlike a man is triggered by some biological signal, like the margin call in the economy, mdash; The last warning to the body: It’s time.

In my case, it happened suddenly, in a moment, like in a movie, when at some point after another hell of trash, some promiscuity or something monstrous suddenly comes clear. What am I doing here? Why am I doing this? If I want to? When you get to the emotional bottom and realize that it’s time to change the situation and change the principles of a free life without borders, without shores, without everything.

History of non-traditional families

I'm a moderator, I'm responsible for the consequences. FATHER mdash; NOT THE PERSON OF THE PROCESS AS A MORE SYMBOLIC CHEAP

History of non-traditional families

I chose people with whom I could hypothetically have something to be, somehow I was acquainted with. And then the picture is faster: I'm a man of visual constructions. There were different options: childless, homosexuals, those who wanted to have a relationship with me. And still, when I was holding these conversations, I seemed to expect that nothing would turn out. Because there was a feeling that all this was not right, and I realized that I did not want to spend the rest of my life with this person.

Some options have disappeared: someone, for example, has already managed to make a child somewhere abroad. I'm just late. Where have you been? She would have said three months ago, and we are already waiting for the results. If it does not work out, I'm yours. But everything turned out. I also realized that my child's father would not be homosexual. It seemed to me that this was not a very reliable option, and there was no certainty what would happen next as we agreed.