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Why does hair fall out, about hair

The problem of hair loss is quite common. And the reason for such an off-season shedding is individual in each individual case.

Normal is the loss of 50 to 100 hairs per day. They gradually fall out constantly, as the life cycle of each hair must end sometime. Otherwise, how can they be updated?

But if the hair is climbing bunches, in large quantities, then it is worth thinking.

For myself, in addition to assessing the amount of hair that falls out everyday, I use 2 more tests to determine the severity of the problem.

Test 1:Does hair fall out with roots?

To do this, carefully enough to examine the fallen hair. After all, it may just be a bit longer, if the hair is too fragile. They break, but do not fall out entirely, and then the problem is completely different.

There is a general misconception that improper care (frequent washing, styling, blow-drying, straightening) affects hair loss. Of course, all this adversely affects the condition and appearance of the hair, can make the hair dull and brittle, but not falling out.

Hair loss is always a sign of internal disorders, problems with general health.

Test 2: What is the condition of the nails?

I noticed that the condition of the hair and nails often improves or worsens in parallel. If, in addition to falling out hair, there is also brittleness and delamination of the nails, then the problem is definitely serious and requires immediate treatment and consultation of a doctor.

No cosmetic procedures with the use of balms, masks and serums against hair loss will definitely not help here.

What are the main causes of hair loss?

There are a lot of factors affecting hair loss: nutrition, general condition of the body, hormones, etc. I tried to identify three main groups of reasons.

1. Hormonal changes in the body

The most striking and at the same time harmless example is hair loss after pregnancy. This is the reason I recently experienced myself. During the pregnancy, the hair almost did not fall out, was beautiful and thick. But then 3 months after the birth, they began to leave my head in huge quantities.

This, of course, is unpleasant, but you should not be afraid. In this case, hair loss is a natural process, because all hair that has not been lost for 9 months is now replaced at the same time.

I did not resort to any special means, but simply continued to care for my hair as usual. In this situation, I do not believe in popular recipes or cosmetic products.

Moreover, the condition of the nails, thanks to proper nutrition and vitamins (they have to be taken as I am breastfeeding) only improved. So when the process of hair renewal is over, everything will return to normal

And when I hear stories about the miraculous recipe that helped someone after birth, I understand: the effect came because the hair just came time to stop falling out.

There are other hormonal problems that affect hair loss. Many can be eliminated by taking certain medications. But in any case, only a doctor can prescribe the treatment of hormonal disorders in the body.

2. Avitaminosis and malnutrition

Often, doctors cite iron deficiency and other certain minerals and vitamins among the causes of hair loss. This may be due to diets or just unbalanced nutrition. In my case, vegetarianism led to this consequence a couple of years ago.

After a year of refusing meat, I realized that my hair began to thin. This was noticed by the hairdresser, who trimmed me in the salon. In addition to the hair, the nails were in poor condition.

Just at that time I watched a program about a man who, after 10 years of vegetarianism, began to literally go bald. And the nutritionist advised him to compensate for the lack of iron and amino acids with the help of animal food to solve this problem.

I decided to do the same. As soon as I returned the meat products to the diet, my hair and nails immediately began to improve.

There are also special vitamin complexes for nails and hair. But in my experience I can say: they need to be taken with caution and for a not very long time, since they contain a very high concentration of various trace elements. And their abuse can adversely affect the work of the kidneys, liver and other organs.

3. Stress

This concept is well known to all of us. Here I include fatigue, sleep deprivation, aggressive impact of the surrounding urban environment. It is possible that if you try to minimize the impact of these factors, the loss will decrease.

And still need to improve blood flow, and therefore salutary nutrients to the hair follicles. To do this, brush the scalp several times a day for 5-10 minutes.

Also, during such stressful periods, burdock oil and mustard mask help me to cheer up – these are the favorite remedies of many women. I apply oil to the hair roots 2 times a week before washing, leaving it for 30-40 minutes. It stimulates the growth of new hair and cares for existing ones.

I mix the mustard powder with kefir and egg yolk, rub it into the scalp, cover it with plastic wrap and a handkerchief. Pleasant burning and heat also signal that blood flow to the hair is improving.

But I firmly believe that in some cases it is better not to self-medicate, but to see a doctor. Especially if the reason lies in hormonal disorders.

Doctors claim that literally all the organs of our body affect the condition of the hair. Hair, as well as nails and skin, is an indicator of the well-being of a person’s health. If something is wrong with them, then it is not the effect that needs to be treated, but the cause removed. Only then will therapy be effective.

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