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Nose hair for long hair

The fashion for a nacho, according to my observations, came back to us about three years ago, and all this time, the technique of nursing has been actively used by both eminent stylists and novice hairdressers.

You can figure out how to make a haul yourself by reading the advice of the same stylists or watching video tutorials on the Internet.

The fact is that hair has its own peculiarities. Most often, the long hair include hair more than 30 centimeters. I almost always wear longer hair, like, for example, now – about 40 cm.

However, I cannot call myself a great lover of my hair, I resort to it only in some cases. To use this technique every day is not my option, but sometimes he himself invites for some outfits.

Of course, in addition to clothing, you must also take into account the shape of the face. Because even if you make a flawless haircut in the context of a hairstyle unsuitable to the type of person, the effect will disappear.

Hair preparation

To begin with, clean hair is needed for proper hair. In addition to the use of shampoo, a rinsing balm is mandatory, since it is thanks to him that the hair becomes more docile and combed better. At the time of performing the hair should not be wet or wet.

Selection of tools


For combing long hair will need two different comb. One comb should be with frequent, but preferably wide teeth. I use it mainly to give volume.

The second comb is necessary in order to strengthen the hairstyle at the roots. For this purpose, the option with rare and thin teeth is well suited.

I have naughty hair, and if they wanted to lie in a certain way, and not otherwise, then it is difficult to do something with it.

To facilitate the process, I use large curlers. At first I twirl hair on them, and only then I add strands. It turns out even more magnificently.

Mousse and varnish for styling

For more durable hair need mousse and hairspray. First you need to evenly apply on the strands mousse for styling, and then after the nails fix with varnish.

In this case, the selection of lacquer needs to be given special attention, since an unsuitable lacquer can make the hairstyle heavier and it will simply settle down. The tool should be if and strong fixation, but light and dry.

I would not advise especially to get involved in lacquer, because, in my opinion, the more it is on the hair, the less naturally the hairstyle looks.

Long hair strand order

First of all, I single out a few strands on the crown, which I pin and leave untouched, since I will subsequently mask them with a pile.

I begin to shave from the head, then turn to the side and temporal locks, and only then to the strands that are located forehead.

The width of the curl is better to take 2-2.5 centimeters, since the volume of the curl is less stable.

You can also use lacquer for stability not only for fixing the finished hairstyle, but also in the process of hair. To do this, the strand only needs to be slightly sprayed with varnish, keeping it at a right angle and performing movements in the direction from the tips to the roots.

Hairline rules

About 12 years ago I made a bang, and since then I still can’t calm down =) I cut it off, then I grow it again. With its presence there are some nuances.

At first I tried combing my bangs with the rest of my hair, but if I did it, it was not very beautiful. I advise you to lay the bulk of the hair first, and only then do a bang – you can straighten it with an iron or you can load it.

The combination of hair and curls

I like hairstyles in which the combing is combined with curls. They are more natural and romantic in my opinion.

To create them, the fleece needs to be done only on the bulk of the hair, without affecting the curled locks. They should be placed on top of hair, to make it complete.

Tail and nachos

In order to make the upper part lush, you need to create an even oval, combing the hair at the crown and temples. In this case, the top strands and tips do not need to be combed, as they climb into the tail. To splash a ready hairstyle for fixing to a varnish.

I do not have enough patience to make this haircut, it constantly seems that the shape is not as perfect as it should be.

Of course, it is not recommended to do the stuffed every day, even if you do it by all the rules. After all, the structure of the hair is quite fragile and frequent experiments of this kind can lead to death.

The worst thing that can be done with hair, resorting to the technique of hair – to comb this hairstyle! It is strictly forbidden to do this.

In my opinion, this is just killing hair. This hairstyle just wash off with shampoo and nothing else.

Well, and of course, you need to take care of your hair, making masks. In this case, it is better to bet on strengthening or restoring. This will help preserve the health and beauty of long hair.

How often do you make a stuffing?

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