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Master class: reverse French braid, about hair

Since my childhood I had long hair, and my mother braided beautiful braids every morning. But, for all my childhood, they are so tired of me that I was very glad to get rid of them.

However, now they are in fashion and in a completely different interpretation than my mother wove to me.

At first, she decided to go to a beauty salon and, using the services of a master, she braided herself a beautiful braid.

After that, I realized that all the time to do a haircut from braids in hairdressing will be expensive, and decided that urgently need to learn to weave them myself.

Thanks to the many evenings spent at the mirror, I overcame their weaving technique and now I can easily braid myself.

Having learned about my abilities, all the friends began to ask me to decorate their heads with beautiful braids.

At work, my working day also began to begin with the fact that I lined up a queue of employees for different hairstyles.

Today I decided to tell you how you can easily braid yourself a French braid. In order for the arrival of spring, when you have to expose our heads to hats, you had time to learn how to weave them yourself.

To weave such a pigtail, you will need:

– hairbrush
– one thin elastic band with which the notes are pulled
– beautiful hairpin or elastic band
– hair spray

Wash your hair, blow-dry your hair and comb it.

Take on the top a strand of hair and divide it into equal three parts.

Start weaving a braid.

Put the right strand under the middle one. Thus, it becomes not a right strand, but an average one.

I draw your attention to the fact that orders should be placed at the bottom, not at the top.

Then put the left strand under the middle one. The middle strand is already the strand that was originally right.

So we fixed the pigtail.

Further weaving the braid should be exactly the same, each strand underlay under the middle one.

But at the same time separate the thin parts of the strands from the edges of the head and grab them, weaving them into the braid.

When weaving a pigtail, give it a zigzag look.

Thus, dock the pigtail to the end and secure with a rubber band.

Step 5.

Now proceed to the part that makes the pigtail beautiful.

Take your fingers over the corners of the braids weave pigtails and slowly pull the strands to the sides, so you fluff it and give it a lace weave.

Just be careful, pull the strands slowly, because if you get a lot, then you will not intertwine it back and you will have to weave the braid.

Since, the pigtail is all airy, it is necessary to fix it with hairspray.

When the varnish on the hair dries, decorate the tail of the pigtail with a beautiful hairpin.

I braided a pigtail in the form of a zigzag, but in the same way you can braid the braids in various configurations.

If you failed to braid from the first time, then do not worry, it will definitely work the second time, because it is very easy. When you learn, see for yourself.

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