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Jojoba oil for hair, about hair

Jojoba is a very valuable plant of Chinese Simmond, its native land is North American deserts. But the most valuable (in any case, for me) was jojoba oil, which is produced from the fruits of this shrub.

The unique properties of jojoba oil

Amino acids, which are part of the oil, are very similar to collagen. In this regard, jojoba oil has excellent penetrating ability, has a moisturizing effect on the skin and hair, but it does not weigh down the hair and does not leave them with oily sheen.

Therefore, I also liked this hair care product, since most oils are very difficult to wash off the hair, and an unpleasant greasy look will please few people.

Jojoba oil is a great helper in solving the problem of hair loss at home, moreover, this oil does not leave any smell, unlike similar well-known means (onions, pepper and mustard).

How to store?

In no case does not need to store the jojoba oil in the refrigerator, otherwise it will become too hot and it will be difficult to apply it to the hair. This oil is quite suitable for storage at room temperature, as it is resistant to rancidity.

Rules for making hair mask with jojoba oil

The simplest popular way of using jojoba oil for hair is the usual application of oil on the scalp (it is recommended to warm the bottle of oil in your palms a little).

The duration of the mask is not limited, if possible, you can leave it for the whole night (a plastic bag is put on the hair on top of the hair and you can also tie a natural cotton scarf).

Mask Recipes on the basis of jojoba oil at home

In general, there are quite a few recipes. I chose, focusing on the main effect of a particular mask.

Perhaps my simplest favorite was the easiest recipe for a jojoba oil mask that stimulates growth and increases hair density.

FolkJojoba oil mask for hair growth and density

You need to mix jojoba oil (somewhere a tablespoon) with a couple of drops of any essential oil that you have at home. The resulting mixture should be rubbed into the hair roots, and leave the mask for half an hour or even an hour. Then you need to thoroughly wash off the remaining oil from the hair, using warm water and shampoo.

Regenerating hair loss mask with jojoba oil

Here, too, everything is very simple – we mix the yolk with honey and propolis and add jojoba oil. The proportions are as follows: a tablespoon of honey, a spoon of jojoba oil, 1 egg yolk, half a teaspoon of propolis tincture.

Then rub the mixture into the scalp and hair, put polyethylene and a towel on top of the head to enhance the heat effect. Wash it off somewhere in an hour.

Firming mask with jojoba oil at home

So, for this mask, we need the following ingredients: lemon juice, brandy, jojoba oil, coconut oil and peppermint essential oil.

First you need to warm up the jojoba oil and coconut (take 2 tablespoons of each), then add a teaspoon of brandy and lemon juice and the final component is 4 drops of mint essential oil.

Mask applied to dry hair. It is necessary to make a compress from the film and sit for about 40-60 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with hair.

Popular recipe for masks with jojoba oil for hair loss

Ingredients: lemon juice, yolk, brandy, jojoba oil and essential oil.

Heat a little jojoba oil (2 tablespoons), then add a teaspoon of brandy, a tablespoon of lemon juice, carefully mashed yolk and 2-3 drops of ylang-ylang oil. Then we do everything as in the previous recipe.

Mask for hair shine with jojoba oil

Ingredients: Cognac, Cocoa, Jojoba.

Heat slightly cocoa butter and jojoba (1 tablespoon), then mix them with 1 teaspoon of brandy. The mask is rubbed first into the hair roots, and then with hands spread over the entire length of the hair. Leave the mixture under a compress for fifteen minutes. Then you also need to thoroughly rinse with shampoo.

General recommendations

All homemade masks for hair with jojoba oil are recommended for use no more than 2 times a week.

In addition, remember that cocoa butter and brandy can have a little effect on blond hair. Therefore, after masks with these ingredients, I try to rinse hair with lemon juice or chamomile decoction so that the hair color does not darken.

It is very important when applying any masks and creams to be careful: all means must first be checked on the skin of the hand to eliminate the possibility of an individual reaction of rejection.

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