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How to make stuff about hair

A few dozen years ago, the shirts were all fashion. Then this trend came back again. Hairdressers actively use hair when creating different hairstyles.

But not all women are happy. Many believe that the hair looks unnatural and spoils the hair. Is it really?

On account of whether it looks natural or not, it is a matter of taste. After all, everyone likes different haircuts, hairstyles, styling. In my opinion – you need to use those hairstyles and styling that are suitable for the existing type of hair, face contour and case – for example, a hairstyle is not appropriate for an evening reception and vice versa.

Practical value

By and large, all high hairstyles include the creation of hair. From his durability depends on the type of hair and the time during which she will have the proper look.

Since not everyone has the opportunity to visit their hairdresser very often, a huge plus of hair is that it can be done at home without the involvement of a master.

Nachos can give volume to absolutely all types of hair. However, to make it on soft and thin hair is much easier than on hard and thick. But if you know the technology of its implementation, then any hair will behave obediently.

Correct performance

Before embarking on a performance, you need to properly prepare for this hair.

Hair should be dry and always clean. Even a small amount of oily layer on the hair can ruin the entire hairstyle, as the hair will be more slippery and heavy. As a result, the nodule at the roots gradually subsides.

It is necessary to choose a comb that is as comfortable as possible to perform a comb. I use a comb with a thin handle (it is convenient to divide the hair into rows) and rare non-sharp teeth.

First you need to separate the top row of hair. The thickness of this series depends on the thickness and length of the hair. I have hair of normal thickness and length up to the shoulder blades, so I make a row about 1 cm thick.

Without making any sudden movements, you need to comb your hair, gradually as the hair is knocked up, the hairbrush rises higher. You should not do the stuffed immediately from the tips to the hair roots! It is with this performance that you can damage your hair.

I make the stuffed in all the strands. But if you are the owner of long hair and plan to leave your hair loose, and not pick it up, then it is enough to carry out just a few strands in the area of ​​the crown.

If you have naughty thick and stiff hair, then the hair of each strand must be fixed with varnish. This will ensure the fixation of your hair for a long time.

I have the same soft hair, and I’m not a fan of hairspray. It causes me discomfort, and I want to wash it off as soon as possible! Therefore, I use these tools only in extreme cases.

The next stage is shaping. Comb with natural soft bristles is best suited for this purpose.

You can also use a massage comb or regular, but with rare teeth.

This comb should slightly comb the hair back, without making any sudden movements, but only giving the desired shape to the hair. I know from experience that if you make an ordinary strong movement, like with simple combing, you can spoil the whole pile.

At the final stage, it is necessary to hide the matted hair with the uppermost layer of hair (only a part can be hidden, and part of the matted hair left visible – this is a more extravagant hairstyle) and give it a final shape.

This top layer must first be combed well and then varnished. For this stage, I use a weak lacquer lacquer to make the hair look more natural.



should not be done immediately from the tips to the roots of the hair

– it is impossible to do the hair on wet hair (in this state they are more sensitive)

– in order to comb a hairstyle with a hair, you should use special tools that facilitate the process of combing

– hair should be combed gently so that no comb or broken hair remains on the comb

– for women with narrow and elongated faces it is better not to do high hairstyle with hair

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