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How to choose a hair dye on the numbers-designations on the package, about hair

But it is interesting to me – is it only one that I choose hair dye exclusively by the color of the girl’s hair shown on the packaging? 🙂 No, sometimes I, of course, read the name of the color, but usually this name doesn’t tell me anything. And the more they say nothing the numbers that are indicated near the name of the color.

And as a result, the color of my hair is never the same as on the packaging. Once, having decided to slightly change the image, I bought a paint with the name of the color Scandinavian blond and the image of beautiful natural light-brown hair (by the way, I have never tried to paint myself in this tone). And in anticipation of a stunning effect, she dyed the hair, waited for time, washed off and saw … some kind of cheap eerie yellow color.

But then it was even worse – all my life I dreamed of beautiful ashen. And having decided that now it will work out exactly what is needed, because the hair is already bleached, I boldly dye it. And indeed, it turns ashen, but … with a green tinge! Naturally, I immediately went back to the store for a new dye, doing away with dreams of ashy hair color 🙂

I decided to share such an unsuccessful experience with my friend, who works as a hairdresser. And she revealed to me a universal secret: it turns out that those tsiferki on the package, to which I never paid attention, and hide the most important information about what color will be the result.

What do the numbers mean?

Usually paint 2 or 3 digits. 1 number means the main color of the paint (also called the tone depth or base color), 2 – its main shade, 3 – additional shade (secondary), constituting 50% of the main shade.

In turn, the depth of tone of the paint (primary color, number 1 on the package) consists of the following designations:

1 – black
2 – dark brown
3 – medium brown
4 – light brown
5 – dark blond
6 – medium blond
7 – light blonde
8 – blond
9 – bright blond
10 – platinum blond

Shades of the same (the second figure on the paint) are encrypted as follows:

1 – natural
2 – ashen
3 – golden
4 – copper
5 – red
6 – purple
7 – brown
8 – matte, pearlescent

In some colors, for example, Pallet, the primary color is indicated with letters, and shades with numbers.

Values ​​of letters:
C – ashen color
PL – platinum
And – intensive clarification
N – natural
E – beige
M – matte
W – brown
R – red
G – golden
K – copper
I – intense
F, V – purple


For example, paint Pallet color WN3.

W is our brown color, N means its naturalness, and the number 3 indicates a golden hue. Get a warm brown color, quite natural, with a golden hue.

Now I use paint Estel, color 10/16 (I still repainted in ashen!). This means that the main color – platinum blond, 1 – natural, 6 – with the addition of purple pigment. That is, it turns out almost natural blond with a faint violet tint (natural prevails over violet).

Or another option: you choose brown, and you want a golden-copper shade, but not red. So you are looking for the number 3 or 4 in the paint number (it will be the second or third number in the room), and put it on the shelf back if you see the number 5, even if, judging by the picture, the color suits you, because we already know 5 – it’s a red tint.

More moments

Sometimes symbols contain zeros. If it is in front of a digit, it means that there is a natural or warm pigment in the color (for example, 3.04 is a natural brown with a golden tint), and the more zeros (3.004), the more natural the shade. In the case when zero is after the digit, the color will be rich and bright (3.40). Sometimes after the point two identical numbers are marked – this means the concentration of the pigment. For example – 10.11 – blond strenuous ash.

But different manufacturers may have small differences. Therefore, before you buy a paint, look at the palette of colors, and only then make a decision. You also need to take into account the color that you have now.

For example, if my hair was dark blond (No. 5), but I wanted to dye my hair bright, then I had to choose 2 (not more) tones lighter – just colors, where the first number is 7 (and the shades are already depending from desire), because platinum blond number 10 from the first time obviously does not work.

With dark tones a little easier – you can choose a different base color and a different shade, the only condition – the paint should be darker than your color. Again, if I have a dark blond (5), but I want to darken, then I choose only those colors in which the first digit will be 4 or less.


Of course, all these numbers and symbols can not be remembered. The main thing is to determine your current hair color from the palette of the paint that you are going to buy. And then simply – if you want lighter, then choose lighter only 2 colors, if you want dark, then, the smaller the first number in the designation on the package – the darker the paint.

And how do you choose hair dye?

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