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Fast hair growth, about hair

I think every girl ever had a burning desire to grow hair as quickly as possible. I had the same situation a few months ago.

Then I tried a lot of tools. Some I have already shared with the readers of Alimero. Now I want to talk a little more about my attempts to grow hair.

Speaking of hair, we mean them entirely – from root to tip. And indeed, in order for the hair to look beautiful, you need to approach the hair care treatment in a complex way.

We also care for the body from head to foot. But those tools that we use for the feet are not suitable for hands or face, right? So with the hair – for the roots you need one, for the tips another, and for the rest of the hair – the third.

In order for the hair to grow, you need to activate the hair follicles, i.e. with an external approach – to influence the hair roots.

But having set only the goal of growth, you can skip the main thing – quality. It is unlikely that grown hair will delight you if they are brittle, dull, bitten.

Therefore, I believe that it is by picking up your own individual means for each part of the hair, you can get the proper result.

Mask for the roots

The main component that should increase blood supply, and therefore – hair growth, in this mask is the tincture of chilli pepper (pepper vodka). It is sold in pharmacies. Although, in our city now it is not easy to get it. Allegedly, so struggling with alcoholism.

If there is still no pepper vodka, then you can substitute brandy or vodka. But the result may not be so obvious. Since there will be no burning effect from pepper.

However, I found another alternative – once I bought burdock oil with red pepper extract. So in combination with cognac it turns out quite well.

So back to the mask. Further, the composition must be oil, to have a known beneficial effect on the growth and smoothness, shine and beauty of the hair.

3-5 types of oils can be added. For example, I often made such a mixture: burdock, jojoba oil, almond, olive, sometimes peach.

Next – vitamins. All that is sold in pharmacies in liquid form may be suitable for this mask. I traditionally took vitamins A, E and group B.

Two more components will be needed, which I consider to be just stores of vitamins for hair – this is egg yolk (preferably from a village egg) and honey.

Well, in addition to lemon juice, one of the functions of which is the neutralization of excess fat. After all, oils are very useful, but they can make hair greasy.

That’s the whole part! All ingredients are taken in the same proportions, with the exception of pepper vodka. Its quantity should be equal to 1/2 of the volume of all used oils.

Hair Mask

For the bulk of the hair, i.e. In addition to the roots and tips, I used the same mask as for the roots, excluding from it only one component – it is pepper tincture. In this case, it is absolutely useless.

Mask for tips

The tips largely determine how the hair looks like in general. In the absence of proper care, the meaning of rapid hair growth is lost, especially if you have relied on length. After growing up, you will need to constantly cut off the ugly ends.

For the tips, in my opinion, wheat germ oil is very well suited! Although, of course, no one forbids the use of any vegetable oils that specifically suit your hair, even if it is sunflower.

The use of masks and the result

All masks apply alternately, then cover with a film and cover with a warm towel. Keep on hair for 1-2 hours. I determined for myself that the optimal time is 1.5 hours.

Wash off the mask with a mild shampoo. You can use children if he suits you and copes with cleansing. But this is not my option. Therefore, I washed off with Natura Siberica shampoo, there is still no sodium lauryl sulfate in it.

And rinsed after washing my favorite chamomile, pre-brewed. Of course, no store masks, conditioners, balms, conditioners at the same time do not need to use. And also it is necessary to allow the hair to dry naturally, without a hair dryer.

Such a triple effect, well chosen for each area of ​​the hair, has significantly accelerated hair growth. I think I grew my hair fast. And not only me! Friends and my master also noted this.

Have you ever grown your hair at an accelerated pace?

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