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Kostapur for fish: instructions for use and composition

Sera Costapur is a proven medicinal product intended for aquatic inhabitants. Kostapur is used to get rid of the following parasites: ichthyophthirius, bony and trichodina.

The tool has proven itself well not only among ordinary holders of aquariums, but also among professional aquarists.

Sera Costapur is a proven medicinal product intended for aquatic inhabitants.

The tool can be purchased in specialized stores. It is sold in plastic bottles of 50, 100 or 500 ml.

The composition of Kostapur for fish includes the following components:

  1. Malachite green oxalate – 0.18 g
  2. Formaldehyde solution – 5.89 g.
  3. Purified water – 100 ml.

The cost of the drug varies from 260 to 700 rubles. This indicator is directly dependent on the volume of the bottle and the region of sale of the drug.

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The instructions for use of Seru Kostapur states that for effective treatment of fish, it is necessary to add it to the aquarium at a certain dosage:

  1. From the 1st to the 3rd day of treatment, add 1 ml (equivalent to 22 drops) per every 40 liters of water in the aquarium. Accordingly, if the aquarium has a smaller volume, then it is necessary to calculate the right amount of medication using the usual proportion.
  2. If the result is insufficient, it is recommended to add medicine to the aquarium from the 5th to the 7th day. The amount of drop is the same.

If a bottle of 100 or 500 ml is used, then it must be taken into account that in this case the outlet cannot be used as a pipette.

To enhance the effect, a simultaneous dimming of the aquarium and aeration are recommended. And also for the period of processing it is better to turn off the UV lamps and not filter the water with the help of activated carbon.

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When processing is completed, you must wait 2 days and proceed to the final stage. To do this, you need to filter the water through the Sera Super Carbon and partially replace the water.

As a prophylactic and to improve immunity, you need to give the fish the multivitamin preparation Sulfur Fishtamine.

The most convenient time of administration of the drug is the evening. But if the disease was detected during the day, then you should not postpone the action until it gets dark.

You can simply turn off the lights and cover the aquarium with some kind of cloth. It is important that the light does not go there.

Otherwise, the harmful bacteria will develop much faster.

The most convenient time of administration of the drug is the evening.

According to the instructions for use Sera Costapur can be used for almost all species of aquarium inhabitants.

Additionally, during the treatment it is necessary to carry out enhanced aeration of the aquarium. When quarantine new fish Sera Kostapur can be used as a preventive measure.. In this case, the drug must be added at the rate of 4 drops for every 25 liters of water in the aquarium or quarantine tank.

You can put fish in it for several days.

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Important information! According to the data for 2018, cases of infection of aquarium fish with ichthyophthirius of the Asian form have become frequent.

This disease is dangerous because pathogenic bacteria are very resistant to the active ingredients of the drug. In this case, experienced aquarists are advised to use a combination of Kostapur and pharmacy formalin.

The treatment is contraindicated for those fish that are subsequently planned to be eaten. In addition, treatment is unacceptable for cartilage species and invertebrates. Should be prepared for the fact that aquarium plants may die, since most of them are quite poorly tolerated by this drug.

Do not carry out treatment in the aquarium where healthy fish live. Patients are better placed in a separate container.

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The drug is quite poisonous, so it should be kept away from food, pets and children. The optimum air temperature at which Kostapur needs to be stored varies from 15 to 25 ° C.

Using a product that has expired can be not only ineffective, but also dangerous for aquarium inhabitants. That is why in no case should not use an expired drug.

And also at the same time as Kostapur one cannot use similar products from other manufacturers.

The drug is quite poisonous, so it should be kept away from food, animals and children.

On thematic forums on the Internet posted a lot of reviews about this drug. In most cases, they are positive. and were left by both amateur aquarists and professionals.

If I see that my fish are sick, I immediately use Kostapur. I keep him in my house all the time, so that if something happens, I can begin immediate treatment.

The drug copes with the task very well and does not have any negative impact on the aquarium inhabitants.

Anna, 28 years old, Kostroma

I have been holding an aquarium for more than 7 years and I always use this tool in case of illness. It is proven over the years, effective and inexpensive.

Igor, 35 years old, St. Petersburg

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