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Instructions for use of the drug Sera Baktopur

Medicine for fish Baktopur – a tool that is produced in liquid form. It is used to eliminate the external symptoms of infections.

The drug is effective in rotting of the fins and mouth, ulcer, flat, cloudy scale on the scales, blurred eyes and other infectious pathologies. Sera Baktopur is active in injuries of fish.

The product is highly effective and safe.

Sera Baktopur – a drug for the treatment of external diseases of aquarium fish

100 ml of the medicinal product contains following components:

  • acriflavine – 209.7 mg;
  • methylene blue – 4.95 mg;
  • phenyl glycol – 0.6 g;
  • purified water.

It is undesirable to use the tool for fish that are eaten. It is allowed to use in treated small ponds.

The drug should be stored in a room inaccessible to small children, it is important to monitor the shelf life. It can not be used in conjunction with similar drugs.

This can lead to the development of overdose.

The bottle can be used as a pipette for depositing funds.

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The instructions for use Bactopur indicated that the drug is used with the following symptoms:

  • gray and light spots, bright swollen places on the scales;
  • soreness and bleeding of the anus;
  • inflammatory process at the edges of the fins.

The drug has a positive effect when the edema of the abdominal cavity, which is characterized by such signs:

  • wide open eyes;
  • raised scales;
  • bunches of white foam from the mouth;
  • light gray purulent formations on the body;
  • random movements;
  • white edge of the fin with bald spots or completely destroyed fin.

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  • Columnarium;
  • fin fade;
  • gill rot;
  • infections that are caused by the bacteria Aeromonas or Pseudomonas;
  • open type ulcers;
  • inflammatory process;
  • dropsy.

On the first day you need to make 1 ml of the drug per 20 liters of water. After a day, add the same dosage to the fish tank.

Efficiency increases with the interaction with the drug Ectopur. Add 5 g of product per 25 liters of water.

In the home aquarium with a volume of more than 100 liters you need to add 25 g of the drug.

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It is undesirable to use activated carbon as a cleansing component after the procedure. This is due to the fact that the air is enhanced by the compressor.

We must not forget that the health of the fish must be maintained by high-quality vitamin complexes, for example, Fishtamine. They are used with other drugs from Sera, but do not do this with drugs from other manufacturers.

After the procedure it is necessary to make a water change., using Sera Aqutan to clean it up.

After therapy, you need to clean the water with Super Carbon coal.

The drug has a large number of reviews. Buyers believe that the tool is highly effective and safe.

Proper application of veterinary preparation Sera Baktopur will help to preserve the health of the inhabitants of the aquarium.

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To obtain the effect you need to read the instructions for use and consult with a specialist.

In my tank all the fish are sick. Their scales were covered with white scurf.

Familiar advised to apply Seru Baktopur and Kostapur together for about a week. All the fish were intact. The drug shows high activity at night.

It does not raise the temperature. A couple of days after using the medication, I changed the water and cleaned it through a carbon filter.

I liked the effect of the drug.

A wonderful tool! When using Sera Baktopur instructions for use must be studied, then there will be no relapse.

Sulfur baktopur helps with diseases of the fins and tail of the fish

Baktopur helped keep the fish in the home aquarium. The mold went away after three days, then it was used for prophylaxis.

All inhabitants of the reservoir survived. Not even the young ones were hurt. The treatment was carried out in a specially designated quarantine aquarium.

Familiar fish died because there was no aeration and due to lack of light. Plants are best washed with a solution of manganese.

We also use Baktopur together with Mikopur and Kostapur before settling a new fish in the general capacity for prevention.

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