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Smecta in vomiting in a child

Smecta mate and baby help

Probably, you know that a smect is one of those medicines that must necessarily be in the first-aid kit of a young mother. Therefore, we have prepared a small guide that will help understand how to give smectus to a newborn so as not to harm his health.

Smecta in vomiting in a child

But first let’s figure out what this medication is used for.

Smecta – a lifebuoy with diarrhea, bloating or reflux.

When children are born, their intestines are sterile. Therefore, they receive all microorganisms from mother’s milk and from the surrounding world. Dissemination of the intestinal tract by various bacteria – this is the name of the physiological process that every newborn passes, and without it, it can not digest food.

However, improper diet, impaired treatment, and the use of unwashed or not-so-fresh products often lead to abdominal distension in children, the appearance of gases and the disruption of the balance of microorganisms.

Here in such moments and comes to the aid of a smect – one of the few medicines that can be given to newborns without worrying about the consequences.

Smecta in vomiting in a child

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