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Palm oil in baby food: harm and benefit

Palm oil in baby food

Palm oil is widely used in the industry: bakery, confectionery, cosmetic and dairy. Mainly to reduce the price of the goods. Many parents were very frightened when the manufacturers of infant formula began to add palm oil to their products. But are their fears justified? Scientists are still arguing about its useful qualities.

Palm oil in baby food: harm and benefit

Women’s milk is unique in nature. There is no more useful food for a newborn baby. No substitute for breast milk can match it. Studies have shown that the higher the level of development of the animal, the more complex the structure and composition of breast milk.

Milk mother adapts to the needs of the baby, thereby helping him to quickly adapt to the world. It not only contains all the necessary vitamins and microelements for normal physical and mental development, but it also contains substances that help the immature digestive system to assimilate them.

The structure of breast milk has been known for a long time, but as recently as possible, it was possible to approximate and improve the artificial nutrition as much as possible.

The history of children’s mixtures lasts about a hundred years. Against the background of other industries this is a short period of time. And they firmly took their place in the lives of children and their parents. With the advent of baby food began propaganda that artificial nutrition is equivalent to mother’s milk. Alas, this is not true. According to statistics, only one percent of women can not feed their child with their own milk. The rest, for physical and social reasons, do not do this. But the milk formula saved the life of more than one baby. And scientists every year improve baby food, thanks to the invention of new equipment for study.

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