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Meat souffle recipe as in kindergarten

Meat souffle as in kindergarten: recipe

When the child turns 1 year old, his diet undergoes significant changes. The baby is no longer a baby, but not an adult, so special requirements are imposed on nutrition during this important transition period. Food should be light, dietary and balanced, without harmful additives. Kroha needs to receive at least 100 grams of meat daily. It is better if it is soft enough, homogeneous and steamed. Consider the most successful recipes for preparing a family-friendly and very delicate meat souffle, as in a kindergarten.

Meat souffle recipe as in kindergarten

  1. As the basis of the dish is recommended to choose lean meats: beef, rabbit, turkey, chicken fillet, offal (liver, heart). Fat pork and lamb should be avoided, as the children’s stomach is not yet able to digest them.
  2. The main ingredient of any recipe can be replaced in equal proportion with the meat that is available, or a mixture of varieties.
  3. For children’s menu, meat is usually pre-cooked before baking. In the raw form, only chicken fillets can be used, the total heat treatment time in this case increases slightly.
  4. A small amount of added vegetables (carrots, zucchini) will add extra softness and a pleasant delicate taste to the dish.
  5. Meat souffle for a child should not contain spices, bay leaves, onions, garlic. An exception is salt in the amount of about 1 gram for the boiling of the components of the dish.
  6. All products must be exceptionally fresh.
  7. It is recommended to cook and serve soufflé in silicone or ceramic batch sizes 150-200 g.
  8. Bake the dish in the oven, multivark or steamer, regardless of the recipe. In this case, the total cooking time and temperature mode will vary according to the typical settings and instrument modes.

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