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How to teach a child to walk: techniques for developing skills and teaching tips

How to teach a child to walk alone: ​​useful tips for parents to develop a baby’s skill

The first steps are an important and long-awaited skill that signifies a whole milestone in the development of the baby. During this period, the crumb opens up new spaces and begins to fully study the surrounding world on its own. But improper or premature learning of the walking skill can lead to serious pathologies and disorders. Therefore, parents need to know how to teach a child to walk in order to avoid difficulties and problems in the future.

How to teach a child to walk: techniques for developing skills and teaching tips

There are no strict rules that determine the exact timing of mastering the first steps. There is only a physiology and a psychological desire to move on to the next stage – from crawling on all fours to a vertical position. On average, a healthy child begins to walk at the age of 7 months to 1.5 years.

Preparation for walking begins at a time when the baby actively creeps around the room, leaning on the knees and handles. So he naturally trains his back and limbs. As soon as the muscular corset gets stronger, the carapace gradually passes to the next stage – walking. He makes an attempt to grab things that seem to him the most stable and safe. Holding on to the edge of the crib, sofa, armchair or locker, the karapuz makes serious physical exercises: pulls himself up on his arms, translating his body into a vertical position. This is equivalent to the ability of an adult to engage in the crossbar.

Do not limit your imagination. In the development game, you can turn any joint pastime.

When the crumb begins to move around the room, it is necessary to reconsider the location of dangerous objects in the room. Very soon the baby will prove that he:

  • Very strong. Moving or dropping a thing that weighs almost as much as an infant, is not a problem for him.
  • Fast. Sometimes the mother can blink enough that the child has time to crawl to the edge of the bed or into another room. After mastering the walk, keeping track of him will be even more difficult.
  • Tall. The main mistake of parents is that they consider children to be small. But here the crumb rises on tiptoe, pulls out the handles and captures the new toy from the shelf or nightstand.
  • Inventive. If little researchers do not get something out, they start using whatever methods are available and get what they want.

To avoid injuries, parents should protect the space. The doors of the lower lockers are better for tying, so that the karapuz does not damage his fingers, clapping them. All dangerous items should live on the upper shelves.

The most common mistakes parents make concerning the question of how to teach a child to walk, are as follows:

  • When the child falls and strikes, the mother shows strong emotions. Feeling the reaction of an adult, a baby begins to fear falling, and its development slows down.
  • Parents do not pay attention to the fact that the carapace regularly bends the fingers to the foot pads. Such an anomaly arises against the background of early walking and with neurological pathologies as a result of increased tonus of leg muscles. If you notice the problem on time and regularly massage, making light tapping along the arc before your fingers, you can avoid pathology.
  • Despite the advice of a doctor, the child moves around the house without shoes or in slippers with soft soles. This leads to severe deformations of the foot and legs, which lead to complications and serious neurological disorders.
  • Because of the long stay in the walker, the kid begins to set the leg initially wrong, leaning on the socks instead of completely getting on the foot. In medicine, this disorder is called pyramidal insufficiency. This is a serious deviation requiring immediate treatment with medications prescribed by a neurologist. Also mandatory in this situation will be the passage of a full course of massage and physiotherapy.

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