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How much to cook a rabbit for a child

How much to cook a rabbit for a child

In the first months of life, the baby receives all the necessary vitamins and trace elements directly from the mother’s milk. Already with six months you can start to introduce complementary foods. They usually start with fruits and vegetables. And two months after the first feeding of the child, it’s time to introduce meat. And a better option than a rabbit, in this case can not think of.

How much to cook a rabbit for a child

Rabbit is a dietary product that by far exceeds other types of meat. It is recommended not only for children for the first complementary meal, but also for adults who restore their body after injuries and illnesses. There are several reasons for this:

  1. Proteins of rabbit meat are digested by the human digestive system by 90%. For comparison, in beef this indicator does not exceed 62%.
  2. Rabbit is rich in vitamins (A, Group B, C, E, PP) and trace elements: manganese, iron, potassium, cobalt, phosphorus, fluorine.
  3. In turn, heavy metals, cholesterol and fat in the rabbit is almost none. Also, if the animal was less than half a year, then its meat does not contain strontium-90 and can reduce the dose of radiation exposure.
  4. Rabbit is hypoallergenic.

Thus, the rabbit is great for feeding a baby, probably even better than a turkey or chicken. Nevertheless, there are no ideal solutions. Also rabbit meat may not be suitable for feeding the baby for the following reasons:

  1. The rabbit is rich in purines. Normally, these substances, as a result of metabolism, strengthen the walls of blood vessels. But with kidney disease, they can lead to the development of gout.
  2. Rabbit meat has a specific taste and aroma. If it is improperly stewed, boiled or cooked otherwise, the child simply refuses to eat this dish.
  3. Rabbit is not as popular as a chicken or a turkey. Accordingly, in most cases, it is more difficult to find such meat and it costs more.

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