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Benefits to single mothers in 2016

Benefits for single mothers

A single mother is a legal status. It is appropriated to a woman in case the child does not have an official father. It provides special benefits for single mothers – financial and social.

Benefits to single mothers in 2016

The woman who received this status receives the same payments as any woman who became a mother. However, there are some additional allowances for it. In what size will these allowances be decided by federal subjects. The financial allowance is between 600 and 1500 rubles. There is an opportunity to receive other benefits:

  • free meals at school;
  • assistance with food, clothing, necessities – whenever possible local authorities;
  • providing the most necessary medicines (for a child up to 3 years old);
  • discount for training at a sports or art school of 30%;
  • housing benefits: assistance in the repair and improvement of housing, compensation for payment of utility services.

In 2016, all benefits are accrued from the local and federal budget. If the subjects of the federation are not in a position to implement social. payments, surcharges are carried out by regional authorities. This year, single mothers can apply for the following benefits:

  • payments for a child up to a year and a half. Charges are made every month. If necessary, a woman can apply to the social protection authorities to extend these payments;
  • subsidy in connection with pregnancy and childbirth;
  • one-off payments for the birth of a child;
  • benefits when registering.

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