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Baby hiccup after feeding

Why does a baby suck

For an adult person, hiccups are a very common thing that everyone can easily cope with, having in their arsenal a suitable method. And what if your baby is hiccuping, for example, after each feeding? Parents often express concern about this and do not know how to react properly. If Ikanie starts to cause inconvenience to the kid, then you need to understand the reason why this happens.

Baby hiccup after feeding

The thoracic and abdominal cavities are separated by a muscle, called the diaphragm. In newborn children, she is very mobile and sensitive. When the muscle is affected by any stimuli, the baby is observed contractions of the diaphragm of convulsive nature, called hiccups. In this case, there is a characteristic sound, which is explained by the closing of the vocal cords.

Often hiccups – this is a short-lived phenomenon of natural origin, capable of passing independently. In this case, this phenomenon does not cause trouble to the baby, and, consequently, the parents do not cause anxiety.

Children under the age of one year are more likely to regurgitate, and to hiccough. This is especially evident after eating and is explained by the physiology of the digestive tract. But there are a number of factors provoking this phenomenon. What causes lead to a newborn hiccup after feeding constantly?

  • Aerophagia. This is the process of excessive ingestion of air during meals. This reason can be attributed to the most common. Swallowing the air when sucking, children risk filling the stomach with more oxygen, which will press on the diaphragm and cause hiccough. Such a phenomenon is the norm, but remember the factors that provoke the ingress of air along with the food: – sucking on the tide of the mother – improper application to the breast or giving the bottle – too large a hole in the nipple – quick sucking on crumbs.
  • Binge eating. Many mothers experience: Does my baby eat the necessary portion? In fact, very often the baby is overfed, and the stomach is stretched due to the intake of excess food. Hence, there is pressure on the diaphragm, and provoked hiccough. Mummy can easily test this assumption if the next feeding will limit the proposed amount of milk or an adapted mixture.

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