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We dress yaselnikov spring, fashion and style

Spring: the sun is shining brighter, the day is getting longer, the snow is slowly melting and it is time to puddles and mud. Well, we have been carefully walking around them for a long time … But our children treat them completely differently. It’s such a childish happiness – to jump into a puddle and watch the splashes fly around you! In addition, in the snow, you don’t really rummage …
Therefore, the selection of spring clothes should be taken very seriously. Here is a sample list of what is required of it.

– Spring clothes should be honored to survive sniffing through puddles.
– Clean well, otherwise you will have to wash it after each walk.
– To have a heater, because spring is still not summer.
– To be durable.
– Be comfortable.
– Aesthetic look.

And, since this is still children’s clothing, to be universal is to be adjusted in size. If we talk about the model, of course, up to 2 years more comfortable fused overalls. After – a combination of semi-overalls and a jacket. Not only does such a set allow some style variations (for example, on a warm day to put a jacket on easier or on a holiday to dress a dress and a cock), it is also economically advantageous.

Clothing made in Finland has become very popular in recent years. Multiple bulk purchases are organized, which makes it possible to purchase goods released into the domestic market. However, this is what caused the decline in quality. The fact that they were produced two or three years ago and the fact that Kerry, Ciraf, Lassie, Reima, Lenny firms are now producing completely different things. Alas, but regular customers checked the difference on themselves: the current seams, falling off reflectors, seizing lightning … But the prices, it must be said, remained the same.

I can’t imagine what inspired people to choose this name, but nonetheless.
Price: up to 2300r
Range: semi-overalls, jackets, coats, suits.
Impermeability: good
Dirt-repellent properties: acceptable. The dirt after the puddles washes off perfectly, the stains from the pie were wiped off with difficulty.
Minuses: small assortment, rarely appear radically new models.
Special features: the company produces exactly children’s models, that is, bright ones with flowers, butterflies, bees. Some items in the kit are accessories: handbags or backpacks. Take into account past flaws. If earlier the sets were produced with pants, now they are sewing semi-overalls. A sufficient amount of insulation, with machine wash, behaves very well: the form does not change, the insulation remains in place. Thin enough for the child to actively move.
Online store: there is

Price: up to 1650r.
Range: semi-overalls, jackets, coats, suits.
Impermeability: excellent, not even wet the outer layer of fabric.
Dirt-repellent properties: good ones. After jumping through the puddles, it was enough to wipe with a cloth.
Minuses: small assortment, lack of site. At the coat I have acquired, the zipper zags part of the lining, i.e. the child does not fasten.
Special features: long straps on semi-trekks (adjustable), pants with a turnout – enough for several years. Also pleased with their coats: the hood is adjustable, the high stand-up collar perfectly covers the neck. The volume is slightly thicker than Lemming, but also warmer. I think it is quite possible to go through a warm winter in their spring.
Online store: Vkontakte community

Price: up to 1200r
Range: jackets, semi-overalls, pants
Minuses: there is no online store, a relatively large geography of official representative offices.
Special features: very cute children’s models – without butterflies and other insects, but not reduced copies of adult things. Pretty bright colors.
Online store: coordinates of companions on the site

Price: up to 2 000 rub
Range: jackets, pants
Minuses: models within the collection are not much different from each other. Is that color. Features: For those who love a sporty style, Talvi is a great option.
Online store: there is

Price: there is up to 4000r, there is more expensive
Range: jackets and coats There are accessories and knitwear.
Impermeability: good
Dirt-repellent properties: average.
Minuses: a rather high price compared to other firms.
Special features: Models for the amateur. Suitable for those who prefer to dress children as a small copy of adults. In the online store a lot of things from the old collections, but the price is the same for the new manufacturers listed above.
Online store: there is

Price: up to 1600
Range: Bibs, pants, coats, jackets. There are accessories and knitwear.
Minuses: to predict the size and quality is almost impossible. It is necessary to thoroughly study the reviews on your favorite model before making a purchase. By the way, for three years of shopping in their online store, I don’t have a single claim to them. Mostly I buy for growth, so there was no problem with the size.
Features: items are produced in collections, that is, for each jacket there are at least 2 options for the bottom, the same for all other products. Great summer stuff – I recommend.
Online store: there is

I hope my review was useful for you!

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