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English tutor about his work with children

Why a tutor may refuse to work with your child. A story from life

English tutor about his work with children

English tutor Maria Covina-Gorelik about why the school program, parents and studying, in fact, the language are completely different things. And they can not coexist with each other. And pity the children, in the end.

This post is devoted to the work of a children’s tutor from the angle from which I see it. It is addressed primarily to parents of schoolchildren (present and potential).

Secrets of the profession. I’m sure many people would not like to delve into this, but I see a certain benefit in the revelations. I want people who ask me or another teacher to work out a little with their Katya, Vasya and Petey, slightly pull up the program, understand well what they are asking for and respect other people’s work, time, schedule, refusals and motives for these refusals.

Farther. It must be understood that the tutor never works in a vacuum. He works in close contact with parents and school, and the child takes the last place in all this fuss, but the first. In principle, this says it all, but I know that this is not clear. So I will continue.

Parents hire me as a qualified teacher and expect high professional skills. Common assumptions about my professional qualities look like this:

Let's kill ourselves before the turn of the intestines for a year, and we will be killed in a geometric progression so that by the end of the 11th grade, to the USE, crawl in a really dangerous condition under the hands with the tutors on all the subjects to be surrendered, but we will not touch the summer.

English tutor about his work with children

Just when it would be possible to make a qualitative breakthrough, masking it under a pleasant pastime, with films, songs, and other human activities, etc., we will not allow even 3 hours a week to set aside to slightly load a rested and fresh brain.

In several of the checklists issued after the check I found unclear places and asked: Did you not come up to clarify what was meant here? to which the child replied: I was convinced that it is better not to ask questions. In some, there were frank errors on the part of teachers (English school, yes). But in general, if someone does not know, tested tests and other works now usually do not return. Of course, why should you know exactly what your mistake was, your job is to know the score and try to improve it with the next attempts. How? As you want.

In the half-bred, they are bursting to repeat three types of conditional sentences (and repeat, incidentally, is not unsuccessful, because this is an understandable scheme for which you can grasp). But to describe the situation of his room or picture from the fairy tale Cinderella, as well as to give birth to another own idea, they are completely powerless.

English tutor about his work with children

Parents warmly inflame the degree of universal nerves. They ask me: Do you think she will surrender? Surrest confidently, I answered, knowing that at least someone should stand exactly in this field of a crazed feather grass. For children it would be better if they were their parents, but who knows. Perhaps, if they knew how to do this, there would be no need for me at all.

English tutor about his work with children

Feeling of total, general disconnection and ill health. Parents do not perform their functions. The school does not fulfill its functions. At this all comes the tutor and tries to do something. Suffers, in fact, a defeat because with my capabilities and knowledge with support and tailwinds, I could achieve with these children the results that now I have to only dream of.