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Ticks and children

A month ago, I accidentally found a tick on a child’s neck. I just caught sight of something small and dark on the light skin of her daughter. Tick ​​has not had time to suck strongly, so I tore it off and crushed it in the process of examining. What to do in this case? This is my today’s topic.

I used to read quite a lot about ticks. I generally like to read about everything related to health. But, as often happens, in a difficult situation, when emotions are going wild, all information is quickly erased from memory.

Therefore, there will be no specific recommendations in my article. They can be easily found on the Internet. My topic will be about what mechanism of action should be stored in the memory of each mom, and what basic information about ticks should be in our arsenal.

As I wrote above, I found a tick on a child’s neck by accident. A daughter on the playground was pushed by a boy, she started crying and I took her in my arms. Here I drew attention to the new birthmark on the neck of my daughter.

The tick was small enough, but I was able to see the body and legs of this insect. It seemed to me that the tick had just landed on the child, since it was completely outside.

My first thought was to quickly remove it, which I did. The fact that he managed to encroach on my daughter, I learned when I felt tension when I pulled him off. In place of a tick on the neck, a pink-red dot remained, as if by a needle. Nothing else.

As soon as the tick was in my hands, I began to examine it. Honestly, I saw the tick for the first time, but for some reason I had no doubt that it was him. And, in the process of examining and putting pressure on him, I crushed him. It cracked in my hands, and only a thin skin remained of it.

Someone from the playground recommended me to go to the doctor. I called the clinic at the place of residence and asked what should I do? I was sent to the children’s city hospital with the child.

I went to the hospital with my husband. He took time off from work and rushed to us. There we were sent to the head.

The head turned out to be a middle-aged man. He examined the child’s neck and said that the tick had been completely removed, no dark marks from the remains of the head or part of the tick’s body were visible.

He also said that in such a short time and in the absence of penetration under the skin, the risk of infection with something dangerous tends to zero. And now all that is needed is to monitor the condition of the child.

If a red spot appears at the site of a bite or fever, you should seek help from the infectious diseases hospital of our city and pass the appropriate tests.

For the future, I was told that you should not remove the tick yourself. This will be done in high quality hospital. Moreover, a live tick is immediately sent for analysis to the laboratory.

Thus, a person will immediately know if he could have been infected with something from an ill-fated tick and, if necessary, take timely needed antibiotics.

As a disturbing mother, the opinion of the head of the city hospital seemed to me a little and I began to read numerous articles on the Internet.

I learned that the mites do not fall from the trees, they sit on the grass along the paths and wait for their victims. Sticking to any part of the body or clothing, the tick crawls up (and only up) in search of a thin-skinned part of the body (neck, armpits, elbows).

That after each walk it is necessary to inspect the child and shake out his clothes. Ideally, wear things that would minimize the presence of open spaces on the body.

I also learned that the peak activity of ticks falls in April-May and August-September. That the tick bite is absolutely not felt by man, so it is not noticed immediately. That he can live both in the forest and in the city.

Despite the fact that now you can find anything on the network, I didn’t find information about the risk of infection by tick-borne diseases in our region. As well as information about how likely infection from a crushed tick through the skin and household items.

After all, I completely forgot, did I wash my hands on returning home that day, what exactly did I touch, did I not put my hands in the eyes or in the wound from the tick bite?

But I found information that when a person is infected, on the 14th day the body begins to secrete specific antibodies to this virus, which can be determined in the laboratory.

That is, without waiting for the symptoms, but with doubts, you can get tested for antibodies and calm down. But they are not very cheap.

Having read horror, I decided to make a test call to our pediatrician.

Explaining the situation, I asked about the analysis of antibodies. The pediatrician told me that there was no point in doing it, in the absence of any symptoms.

So I calmed down.

A month has passed, the child feels fine, no trace remains on his neck. And only now can I talk about this unpleasant experience out loud. Before that, I was very worried about my daughter’s health and looked out for the slightest changes in her behavior and mood. Still, my daughter is still young and can not say with words what exactly bothers her.

I still wonder how a tick could be picked up at a playground in the city? And how lucky are we that I noticed him in time?

Have you ever encountered a tick bite?

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