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Knitting for children from 3 years and teenagers

This topic is designed for lovers of knitting, which did not fit the schemes from the topic with knitting for kids because the kids have grown up =)

Here you will find schemes with the image of finished products for children from three years old, for teenagers and for already adult girls and children 16-18 years old.

Knitting patterns for girls:

1. Short jacket (3-4 years)

3. Takes with a string (4-5 years)

4. Beret with flowers and a scarf (4-5 years)

5. Takes Shyshechki (4-5 years)

6. Jacket (4-6; 8-9; 10-13 years old)

8. Openwork topic (6-7 years)

9. Openwork topic (6-7 years)

11. Pullover with flowers (8-9 years)

12. Openwork jacket (8-10 years)

13. Pullover, clutch, scarf and skirt (9-12 years old)

14. Openwork jacket (10-11 years)

15. Mini dress and knee-highs (10-12 years old)

16. Knee socks (11-14 years old)

17. Dress (14-16 years old)

18. Pullover with lace stripes and braids (14; 16; 18 years old)

19. Jumper (15-17 years old)

20. Dress with cross border (16-18 years old)

Knitting patterns for boys:

1. Classic vest (4 years)

2. Sleeveless jacket with a picture (4-5 years)

3. Sleeveless hooded top (4; 6; 8; 10; 12 years old)

4. Stripped vest (5-6 years)

5. Pullover, hat and jacket (5-7 years)

6. Vest with embroidery (7-8 years)

7. Pullover and cap (7-9 years)

8. Vest and pullover with braids (7-11 years old)

9. Jacket Chess game (9-12 years old)

10. Vest (9-13 years old)

11. Jumper (10-11 years old)

12. Pullover (10-12 years old)

13. Classic sweater (14; 16; 18 years)

Often when knitting errors are made, because of which the shoulder seams or the whole product run back (this applies to knitted things for older children).

To avoid these errors it is recommended:

one. Remember that the finished product must be larger than the measurements taken, especially in the chest area. The front should be wide by a few centimeters depending on the circumference of the chest.

In sports sweaters, the width of the front and back can be made the same, but on free fit should be added again a few centimeters.

2 Gap on the back to always do 1-2 centimeters longer (higher) than on the front (with the exception of small children’s things).

3 Bend the shoulder on the front to do 1-2 centimeters more than on the back.

four. Remember to have enough depth and width, so that the neckline on the back is not too narrow or shallow.

Good luck to all Alimero needlewomen! =)

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