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Why the child has a red throat and how to treat it: pills, sprays, rinses, inhalations, folk and other video Komarovsky

Red throat in a child – what are the causes and how to treat

Any, even a slight malaise in the child – a weighty excuse for parents. In the autumn-winter period, the incidence of the appearance of a wide variety of diseases of the upper respiratory (respiratory) tracts sharply increases. And as you know, the red throat, along with the common cold, is the most common symptom of ARI (acute respiratory infection). But sometimes other factors cause the inflammation of the mucosa. In addition, the phenomenon causes pain and serious discomfort. Therefore, it is important to understand the variety of medications to maximally effectively treat a child.

Redness (hyperemia) of the throat is dictated by the effect of an irritating factor on the mucous membrane of the palatine arches, tonsils, the posterior pharyngeal wall. On such aggression there is a response in the form of inflammation. One of its manifestations is the abundant blood flow to the affected area. As a result, there is a redness in the throat.

The reasons provoking an inflammation in a throat, – set. The most common ones are:

  1. Viral infections (rhinovirus, influenza, enterovirus, parainfluenza and measles, adenovirus, mononucleosis and others).
  2. Bacteria (staphylococci, chlamydia, streptococci, hemophilic rod and pneumococcus, mycoplasma, diphtheria bacillus).
  3. Fungal infections (candidiasis, aspergillosis).
  4. Allergies (by mouth inhalation or ingestion of substances containing an allergen).
  5. Traumatization (chemical or thermal burn, mechanical damage by foreign bodies).

  6. Streptocide is the oldest antibacterial drug of the sulfanilamides group. Previously, it was often used to treat sore throats. At present, the ineffectiveness of the use of this medication has been proved. This is due to the developed resistance of bacteria to Streptocide, the presence of side effects and the inability to create a sufficient concentration of the drug in the focus of inflammation.

    Inhalation therapy

    The inhalation of vapors, with various medicinal substances dissolved in them, is not isolated in the case of the red throat. But in the complex treatment of respiratory infection, it is possible and even necessary to carry out inhalations.

    The main goal of this method for upper respiratory tract diseases is to moisturize the mucous membrane and deliver the medication to the inflammatory focus.

    There are several rules for inhalation for children:

    1. These measures are contraindicated:
      1. with bacterial infection;
      2. children of the first year of life at home;
      3. preschool children without doctor's appointment;
      4. with inflammation of the ears;
      5. in the case of an increase in body temperature, above 37.5 ° C.
    2. Duration of inhalation:
      1. children of preschool age - no more than 3 minutes;
      2. children older than 5 minutes.
    3. The procedure during the day is carried out up to 4 times.
    4. Before and after the event, drinking is recommended.
    5. Inhalation should not give the child any inconvenience.
    6. The solution for the procedure is used every time fresh. It is prepared according to the instructions to the drug or the doctor's prescription. Infusion, decoction is diluted with saline up to 10 ml. And only then it is poured into a special cup of the inhaler.
    7. During the whole event the child should be supervised by an adult.

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