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Tablets from motion sickness in transport for children: how to cope with nausea

Tablets from motion sickness in transport for children: what to choose and how to help the baby

Traveling on an airplane, ship or car, children usually carry a good road, rejoicing in new impressions.

Unfortunately, for some of them, a trip on the transport is accompanied by unpleasant sensations: dizziness, nausea, and quite often even vomiting.

Special preparations can help a small passenger. What tablets for motion sickness in transport for children are the best: we will try to answer this question.

Babies under the age of two are often prone to motion sickness. It occurs because the vestibular apparatus is not yet formed, and therefore unstable and too sensitive to external factors.

Symptomatics manifests itself in different ways and largely depends on the state of the nervous system. This phenomenon is completely impossible to cure. By 4-5 years it passes by itself.

In some children, the maturation of the vestibular apparatus is somewhat prolonged, for physiological reasons unpleasant sensations when traveling on transport can last until the age of 7-13 years.

Nausea, other uncomfortable sensations do not have to be tolerated. It is important to have a drug with you that will help, will remove unpleasant symptoms.

Pills for motion sickness in transport for children – these are medicines that are divided into:

  • cholinolytics and antihistamines.

  • How does allergic dermatitis in children, our article will tell. Plus the photo!

    How is the intestinal infection transmitted to children? Answer the question in the next publication.

    Air travel - a real stress for kids. The preparations taken beforehand will help the child to transfer not only the takeoff and landing, but also the passage of the zones of turbulence.

    The most effective in this case Air-sea, Kinedryl, Bonin.

    When traveling by car, it is necessary to take with you means of motion sickness. They will help to transfer possible shaking, change of a high-speed mode and pictures outside the windows.

    Not bad fight with an emetic reflex pills Dramina, Bonin, Kinedryl.

    Swaying is otherwise called seasickness . It is noticed that rocking the ship on the waves often causes unpleasant sensations in humans.

    If the baby is rocking while traveling by water transport, effective Vertigohel, Kinidril, Avia-More.

    Reduce unpleasant symptoms and avoid motion sickness can be as follows:

    • during the trip it is better to sit down in the direction of movement and look forward, having shaded the side windows;
  • refuse to eat, especially fatty foods, 6-12 hours before the trip;

  • Do not read while driving;

  • During a trip it is better to sleep;

  • Less susceptible are places closer to the wing of the aircraft or the driver's cabin;

  • drink small amounts of water with lemon or ginger;

  • will facilitate the health of sucking candies during the trip;

  • a good flow of fresh air helps with motion sickness.
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