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Symptoms and the first signs of brain concussion in school-age children, preschool, newborns and babies, as well as first aid and treatment

Symptoms of brain concussion in children: meaningful recommendations to parents

Concussion is one of the most common injuries among children aged 3 to 10 years. Its causes can be any falls and bumps.

This condition is quite dangerous and can lead to serious consequences, which is why parents need to know how to recognize a brain concussion in a child of preschool and school age, and on what symptoms and signs can determine the trauma in nursing and one-year-old children.

Like any other serious disorder of the body, brain contusion has its own characteristic symptoms, at the manifestation of which parents need to urgently seek medical assistance.

So, in order to diagnose the presence of traumatic brain injury at home, it is important to pay attention even to subtle symptoms and in no case ignore them.

If the injury has an easy form and is not accompanied by any external damage, it is important to pay attention to:

  • pallor of the face, or, on the contrary, a strong reddening of the skin;

  • the difference between the pupils, for example, one may be larger than the other;

  • flies or spots before the eyes;

  • loss of consciousness - may occur immediately after an injury;

  • single vomiting - also most often manifested in the first hours;

  • lethargy - fidgety complains that he wants to sleep and at every opportunity tries to lie down;

  • sweating - on the forehead of the baby you can see large drops of sweat;

  • the pupils increase or the differences in their sizes;

    First of all, It is worth remembering that a brain injury is a serious cerebral trauma. Lack of proper care and timely medical care can lead to serious and, at times, irreversible consequences.

    Depending on the severity of the injury, the consequences can be either light or extremely severe.

  • Development of epilepsy - sometimes the disease manifests itself in the first day after the injury.

  • Meningitis is a very rare complication. Most often it develops against the background of external injuries, for example, if the bruise is accompanied by an open fracture of the skull. The development of meningitis occurs within the first few days.

  • Post-Composition Syndrome - in this case, the crumb can complain of impassable headaches, fear of light and loud noises. In addition, often this syndrome is accompanied by loss of memory.

    As for folk methods, then their use must be agreed with the attending physician. Usually, any methods of traditional medicine aimed at recovery after a traumatic brain injury are reduced to taking soothing decoctions and teas.

    The list of medications with a concussion in a child can have approximately the following form:

  • fenozepam or tincture of motherwort - to soothe;

  • antipyretic and analgesic, for example, Nurofen.

    In one of his programs, a wonderful children's doctor Komarovsky, spoke in great detail about the concussion in children. So, The first thing that a specialist recommends is a careful observation. If your offspring bumped his head, you need to closely monitor him.

    It is necessary to immediately run to the doctor, in the event that the child has the following symptoms:

  • blue skin under the eyes and behind the ears;

  • allocation of colorless liquid from the nose or ears.

    It is important to assess the work of the senses. First of all, make sure that a small fidgue hears you and sees, and also reacts to the warm and cold. Special attention is paid by a specialist to sleep.

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