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Suspension Nimulide: instruction for children, prices and reviews

Suspension Nimulide; instructions for use for children, indications and restrictions on admission

Some diseases can be accompanied by an increase in body temperature. It is characterized by an uncomfortable condition, which does not bring any good to the body.

Nimulide is a medical product that reduces fever and eliminates the attendant symptoms of this phenomenon.

Further in the article you will find the instruction on the use of a suspension for children called Nimulid, find out through how much the drug is working on the temperature and what is the dosage of this drug.

Nimulide is a non-hormonal drug with antipyretic properties. In various experiments, it was found that the suspension is more effective than most popular drugs.

The main active ingredient is nimesulide.

It belongs to the COX-2 selective substances.

A distinctive feature of this substance is the selective activity.

Mostly, it affects the focus of inflammation. Due to this, the minimal amount of harm is rendered to vital organs.

Nimulide is available in several formats. But for the treatment of children, the most optimal option is a suspension.

The drug not only reduces inflammation and reduces body temperature, but also has an analgesic effect on the body. This allows the drug to be used in a wide variety of situations. They include the following:

  • Inflammatory process of the respiratory system;

  • Increased body temperature;

  • Painful sensations in the muscles;

    Often Nimulid is prescribed for injuring muscles, bones and soft tissues. No less effective is the drug for acute pain.

    Since the suspension has a lot of nuances in use, it can be used only as directed by a doctor.

    Children up to 2 years of taking this medication is contraindicated.

    The constituent components can influence the formation of vital organs.

    Most often there is a violation of the blood. The number of platelets, hemoglobin and leukocytes decreases.

    The drug should not be taken in the presence of an allergic reaction to one of the constituent components.

    Nimulide has a rapid absorption. It dissolves in the blood plasma just 2 hours after taking the suspension.

    For 12 hours the active substances perform their functions.

    At the end of the set time interval, the concentration of active substances begins to decrease.

    The drug does not have the ability to accumulate in the body.

    It is completely excreted in the urine 24 hours after the last intake.

    Reduction of pain syndrome is noted in the first hours of use of the drug. Along with this, the body temperature decreases. The elimination of the inflammatory process may take more time.

    The scheme of reception is established by the attending physician. Dosage is determined by taking into account the weight of the child. 1 kg of body weight is taken 1.5 mg of the drug. The maximum daily dose per 1 kg should not exceed 5 mg.

    For older children there are other measures to calculate the required dosage. If the weight of the child is more than 40 kg, then he is assigned a two-time intake of 100 mg Nimulida.

    The suspension is taken orally. According to the instruction, the reception should be performed immediately before the process of eating.

    But if you have stomach problems, you should take the medicine after eating.

    It is advisable to drink syrup with plenty of clean water.

    In some cases, in the process of treatment, Nimulide noted a deterioration in vision.

    If this happens, the suspension should be stopped immediately.

    It should also be remembered that the drug is able to retain fluid in the body. This is fraught with the appearance of edema.

    Reception Nimulida enhances the effect of medications that reduce blood clotting. Simultaneous administration of the suspension with Furosemide is undesirable, since nimesulide reduces the effectiveness of this drug.

    The combination of the suspension with methotrexate leads to an aggravation of the side effects of the latter.

    Nimulide is classified as a potent drug. It must be applied in accordance with established norms. Drug abuse can lead to an overdose. It is expressed in the deterioration of general well-being, headache. In some cases, a rash appears on the body.

    Use of the suspension may cause side effects. They include the following:

  • Development of renal failure;

  • Anemia and thrombocytopenia;

  • Jaundice and drug-induced hepatitis;

    The occurrence of side effects is the reason for stopping the intake. It is necessary to consult your doctor for the prescription of a medicine with a similar effect.

    The cost of the suspension varies from 150 to 300 rubles. You can buy it online; pharmacies, and at fixed points of sale. To buy, you need a prescription from your doctor.

    To store the medicine, choose a place protected from light. The temperature should not exceed 25 degrees. If the storage conditions are met, the life of the suspension is three years.

    I gave this medicine to my son when he had a very high temperature. This drug was advised by a pharmacist in a pharmacy. As a result, there was a strong drop in temperature to 35 degrees in a short period of time. The remedy turned out to be too strong.

    Has helped us with the son during the activation of the strongest virus. The condition was deplorable.

    Nimulide reduced fever and accompanying symptoms quickly enough. There were no side effects.

    Nimulid in our family is a permanent assistant. I used to buy Nimesil, but it’s much more expensive. Therefore, I turned my attention to this drug. Very effective in all types of pain;

    The medicine is very good! Helped to reduce the temperature of his son. For two days nothing helped us, the temperature was at the mark of 40. A few hours after taking the syrup, the son fell asleep. After awakening asked to eat.

    Nimulide should be used according to the instructions for use. In no case should not ignore this information. The effectiveness of the drug is complemented by side effects. Take the medicine very carefully.

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