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Suprastin tablets for children: instructions for use, prices and reviews

Suprastin – effective allergy tablets for children: instructions for use and cost

Suprastin is an antihistamine drug used to treat allergic eye diseases, respiratory organs and skin. Suitable for children from one month, the effect develops within half an hour after taking.

The active component of Suprastin is chloropyramine, which is the representative of the group of ethylenediamine antihistamines. The substance has antipruritic effect, has a slight sedative effect.

Therapeutic concentration is maintained in the blood for 6 hours, the drug is excreted in the urine.

Let’s consider the instructions for the use of the drug for children Suprastin in tablets, the dosage for allergies, as well as the price of the medicine in the country’s pharmacies.

The active substance of the drug Suprastin is chloropyramine hydrochloride in an amount of 25 mg.

Stearic acid, gelatin, talc and lactose are used as auxiliary components.

The preparation is issued in the form of solution for intravenous and intramuscular injections, as well as in the form of tablets.

In tablets the active ingredient dose of 25 mg is used.

They have a disk-like appearance, the color is grayish-white, on one side there is a risk, and on the other side – engraving SUPRASTIN.

Tablets are odorless.

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Prescribe a drug Suprastin to children and adults under the following conditions:

  • allergic rhinitis, manifested in a certain season or year-round;

  • atopic and contact dermatitis, examatical manifestations of acute or chronic nature;

  • allergic manifestations of increased reactivity to food, medicines, insect bites.

  • You can find out what antibiotic to give to a child when taking otitis, from another our publication.

    About the symptoms of pneumonia in children under one year, read on.

    Packaging of Suprastin 25 mg, containing 20 tablets, on the average costs 130 rubles.

    The drug should be stored at room temperature for 5 years. It is dispensed from pharmacies without a prescription.

    • Suprastin appointed us a pediatrician when the child (2 years) had a permanent cold. Has helped or assisted in a month of reception, has ceased to pawn a nose, the son became quieter. ;
  • A daughter from childhood suffers from atopic dermatitis, the skin on the hands is constantly flaky and itchy. Have tried many antihistamines, Suprastin good, it is not expensive. ;

  • I took 2 months from an allergic rhinitis, stopped, because it strongly influenced working capacity. There are antihistamines of a new generation, less cause drowsiness. ;

  • After the hospital began contact dermatitis, after 1 month began to take Suprastin. The severity of redness decreased, the baby began to sleep better at night. ;
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