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Slime in the feces of children: causes at different ages, the importance of color and consistency of the stool

Serious problem or trifle, not requiring attention? Mucus in the feces of the child and its causes

After the birth of a child, all young mothers face different problems related to the health of the baby.

One of the frequent ones is the appearance of mucus in the feces of a child: what does this problem mean? Often this leads to parents’ anxiety, although not always the appearance of mucous inclusions indicates serious pathologies.

Mucous discharge in the stool – the color and consistency depends on the diagnosis

The presence of mucus in the feces of a child, especially at the age of up to a year and a year, is a frequent occurrence. According to statistics, 80% of young mothers turn to the pediatrician for the presence of pathogenic inclusions in the feces of the baby.

In general, mucus is present in feces in all – children and adults, its function is to facilitate the movement of stool in the thick and rectum, plus a protective function for the thick and small intestine. But in the norm visible to the eye mucous masses should not be.

Slime, produced by the walls of the digestive tract, is transparent and viscous, like jelly. It is a mixture of leukocytes and epithelial cells. Transparent visible inclusions in the children’s stool often occurs with improper nutrition, increased stress on the digestive tract.

If the baby is breast-feeding – means mother ate forbidden food (fatty, salty, sweet, fast food).

If the child is older – it means that it is difficult to assimilate the product into his diet. With the normalization of the diet, the problem disappears.

Also, the threads of transparent mucous secretions in the feces are with constipation in children. Slime in this case protects the vulnerable inner shell of the rectum from damage.

In addition to the transparent mucus in the feces, the child also has other discoloration colors.

At the child the green chair with mucus testifies to active reproduction of pathogenic flora in an intestinal tract. Often the stool has a fetid odor.

And if a lot of green viscous mass, liquefied or in the form of strands separates with feces, plus the baby badly gaining weight, eats and sleeps a little, the temperature is raised to subfebrile (37-37.5 °), possibly the development of bacterial colitis or enteritis. A visit to the doctor is necessary.

Yellow – indicates the presence of bacterial inflammation of the intestine, the more intense the color, the more leukocytes are indicative of the severity of the process.

Sometimes mucous inclusions of yellow color – purulent impurities. If a month-old baby or a baby is older than a yellow stool with mucus, a pediatrician’s consultation will help to clarify the situation.

White – occurs due to irritation of the walls of the intestine, as a result of which the epithelium exfoliates.

The reason – allergic reactions, atopic dermatitis, lactase intolerance, celiac disease – all that is associated with a malfunction in the adequate work of the digestive tract.

Pink mucus – dangerous sign. In the presence of lesions, ulcers and erosions in the intestine, especially its upper sections, mucus is mixed with blood, acquiring a pink tint.

Probable causes of feces with mucus in a child are allergic colitis, enterocolitis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis.

Black – can signal an internal bleeding in the stomach, esophagus, small intestine. Passing through the entire gastrointestinal tract, the blood changes, becoming dark, mixed with mucus, at the output forming black filaments or inclusions over the feces.

Bloody mucus in the feces of the child looks like a translucent discharge with abundant veins of red color.

Why does a child have mucus with blood in the stool: the causes of the blood stool; in mechanical injuries of the rectum and sigmoid colon, for example, with frequent use of gas pipes, enemas.

With constipation, thick feces can injure the tender mucous membrane, as a result, blood is excreted. Some diseases cause the vulnerability of the inner layer of the intestinal tract – allergic colitis, an allergy to the cow’s milk protein, NJC, Crohn’s disease.

A lot of mucus in the feces of a child may appear when using medicinal syrups with simethicone (Bobotik, Sab-Simplex, Espumizan), runny nose, improper feeding.

The more mucous masses in the feces, the more irritated the intestine. A visit to a pediatrician, a gastroenterologist with the subsequent delivery of analyzes, makes it possible to clarify the situation.

Lean mucous impurities can signal constipation, eating disorders. If such impurities are rare, do not have blood inclusions, unpleasant odor, the kid does not complain about anything – you need to adjust the diet, limiting milk, flour, sweet.

According to the consistency of mucus in the feces of the child can be thick – in the form of dense jelly, or long threads, strands; liquid – like a watery, slightly stretching mass, like snot.

Thick – can signal the presence of parasites, especially if its color is white. It is necessary to pass the tests, the results will be prescribed treatment.

If a child has a loose stool with mucus, appears with lactase intolerance, pancreatic insufficiency. If instead of feces is allocated entirely liquefied mucus with an atypical odor – this is a sign of an acute intestinal infection.

What should be the stool, is mucus normal in the feces of a child? Look at the video:

Causes in newborns, infants and older

Age features and the nature of mucus in children’s feces are interrelated.

In neonates, the presence of mucous masses in the stool is a common phenomenon. Causes:

  • weak pancreas activity;

  • violation of breastfeeding mom.

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