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Rashes on the face of a child: types, photos, characteristics and treatment

The rash on the face of the child: what diseases it indicates and how it is treated

Baby skin is especially sensitive. Parents may be concerned about the appearance of rash or redness. The reasons for this are different. Not always changes in the epidermis signal the presence of disease.

In some cases, the rash passes by itself and does not cause the child any inconvenience. Despite this, the baby should be shown to the pediatrician. There may be an infectious disease.

In this article we will tell you what are the causes of the appearance, and also show in the photo how it looks like an allergic, caused by infectious diseases and other types of rashes on the face, head and neck, on the body and hands of an infant and a toddler, whether or not treat.

It is difficult to determine the cause of the rash on the face of the child independently. Pimples can appear at different ages. Some of them are located exclusively on the face. Others can hit the head, neck, torso.

An essential role is played by:

  • the presence of concomitant symptoms (itching, burning, pain);

  • presence of inflammation or abscess;

    Experts distinguish several types of rash, located mainly on the face. Some of them require close monitoring and drug therapy.

    The Doctor of Komarovsky School will tell you about the various types of rash in the child:

    Sweaty glands of the baby are imperfect. Because of this, the processes of thermoregulation in children do not proceed in the same way as in adults. Sweating is one of the most common causes of rash.

    Red sweatshop. The surface of the skin changes color. In severe cases, it becomes bright pink. Rashes are formed with muddy contents inside. Red shade of the epidermis indicates the presence of inflammation.

    Crystalline Powder. A lot of bubbles with transparent contents are formed on the skin. When touched and pressed, they easily burst. Redness in this form is not observed.

    Papular sweating. The condition is characterized by the appearance of a small-dot rash on the face and body of a child. They can form large enough accumulations on the skin.

    Infected Sweating. This is a complicated option. The diagnosis is made if microbes get into the wound formed during the rupture of the vesicle. Bacteria provoke the inflammatory process.

    Possible suppuration of the affected area. With this type of sweats, deterioration of well-being and a rise in temperature are possible.

    Rash appears due to problems with sweat glands. Various factors can provoke a poultry. Main among them:

  • excessive warming of the child;

  • use of synthetic underwear and clothes.

  • A distinctive feature of any infectious disease is rise in temperature.

    Children's viral infections are easily transmitted by airborne droplets. The same disease does not develop twice. To any of the infections the child develops a permanent immunity.

    Parents are interested, how to treat a rash on the face of a child. Their questions will be answered by the pediatrician. The scheme of therapy is selected individually, based on the causes of the rash.

    If the rash is allergic, it is necessary to eliminate the influence of the provoking factor. A nursing mother should review her diet.

    It is mandatory to exclude:

    With caution eat fish and chicken meat. They are also considered potential allergens. Each new product is entered into the menu carefully, observing the reaction of the baby.

    When acquainting a child with a new food adhere to strict rules. The pediatrician will talk about all the features of introducing complementary foods.

    Treatment of sweating does not cause difficulties for parents. It is important to follow the rules of hygiene. It is necessary to regularly swallow crumbs. The water is added broths of herbs - turns or daisies.

    With severe rashes, it is necessary to take antihistamines. The choice of the drug is done by a doctor. Children are most often recommended Suprastin.

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