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Polysorb: instruction for children, dosage for different ages

Instructions for the use of the drug Polysorb and whether it can be given to children

Fast snacks in questionable eateries, the use of products containing dyes and preservatives are just some of the factors that have recently taken leading places in our daily lives. After a certain period of time, this way of life will undoubtedly affect health, and the gastrointestinal tract can no longer withstand such a load and wither away.

And this will manifest itself in you in the form of intoxication, which in this case will be accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea and a bunch of other unpleasant symptoms, so in order to help the body of an adult and a child, a tool called Polysorb is invented. The drug is able to provide a sorption effect, remove toxins from the body, and also rid of food allergens.

Polysorb is produced in the form of a powder white color.

Take it in its original form inside is not recommended – the drug must be diluted with water.

For ease of use, Polysorb is produced in plastic containers, the volume of which is 12, 25 and 50 grams, and in paper bags. The latter are issued in a single dosage (3 g.), Necessary for an adult.

The main active substance of the drug is colloidal silicon dioxide.

The component is chemically converted from a mineral called silica, which is often used in homeopathic medicine for the treatment of various diseases.

Surely you know that there are drugs that can strengthen the human immune system? On our site you will learn everything about the preparation of Citovir and instructions for the use of syrup for children.

In our next material, you will learn how to properly take baby syrup Paracetamol and how much this drug costs in pharmacies.

Rules of dosage of antipyretic medicine Nurofen in syrup for children, the composition and pharmacological properties of the drug are here.

The doctor can prescribe the drug for various infectious and toxic-infectious diseases. Use a sorbent can not only be diluted, but also externally in powder form.

So, what are the indications for using Polysorb? It:

  • acute poisoning with food, alcoholic beverages, chemical, medicinal products;

  • intestinal infections, including acute ones, caused by various microorganisms;

  • diarrhea, which is of infectious and non-infectious origin;

  • to maintain a healthy intestinal microflora in complex treatment;

  • as an external application for inflammatory and purulent diseases (wounds, burns, appendicitis, adnexitis), skin ulcers, acne, various dermatoses;

  • increased level of total bilirubin in viral hepatitis;

  • renal failure in the chronic stage (with an elevated level of urea, uric acid, creatinine).

    Polysorb; one of those drugs that has a minimum of contraindications.

    According to the instructions for use, children Polisorb it is not recommended to apply only in the following cases:

  • ulcers of the duodenum;

  • if the patient does not tolerate the main active substance.

  • Shelf life of the drug is 5 years.

    At the moment, the sorbent can be replaced with the following preparations:

    Olga: One morning I woke up in a terrible state. My head was spinning, vomiting, and my stomach was very sick. After 15 minutes I vomited. It's good that Polisor was in the medicine cabinet. Has dissolved 2 tbsp. l. in 150 ml of water and drank. In half an hour it became much easier. By the evening, I generally forgot about my terrible health. He helped Polisor and my children with food poisoning.

    Irina: recently my child began to complain of pain in the stomach and nausea. I immediately called the doctor. Upon arrival, the pediatrician explained to me that this is a typical food poisoning and prescribed polysorb.

    She gave exactly 2 days, then the baby developed constipation. The medicine itself helped - the child no longer felt nauseous. It's embarrassing that all the dosages are still constipated.

    Anastasia: after a holiday in nature, I felt, to put it mildly, not very much. Especially, confused by a strong dizziness.

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