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Mikrolaks: instructions for use for newborns and infants, indications, reviews and prices

Mikrolaks for newborns and infants: instructions for use, advantages and disadvantages of the drug

The digestive system of newborns is gradually formed. On this soil, there are often problems with defecation. The most common of these is the lack of a chair. Mikrolaks helps the child to empty the intestines and get rid of discomfort in the abdomen.

Let’s figure out what this means, in which cases it helps your baby, and how to correctly introduce microclysters and what dose should be adhered to for a newborn.

Mikrolaks – a drug that has a laxative effect. It is a microclyster that is suitable for one-time use. The medicine is in a tube with a special tip. The amount of the drug is 5 ml. One package of Microlax contains 4 tubes.

The drug consists of several active substances. They include the following:

Each of the components performs certain functions. Glycerin has a binding property. It unites all the components.

Sorbitol has the property of attracting water, which contributes to the dilution of stool and the rapid evacuation of the intestine. Sorbic acid is a preservative. In addition, it is responsible for the sterility of the drug.

Lauryl sulfoacetate has a moisturizing effect. It also promotes the penetration of active components. Citrate is responsible for retaining moisture, not allowing the walls of the large intestine to suck it.

Can I use it for infants and when should I put microblogging

Mikrolaks prescribed to children and infants to eliminate constipation. Sometimes Mikrolaks is prescribed in order to prepare for diagnostic manipulation. Critical is the three-day absence of a chair in a child. Simultaneously, the following symptoms occur:

  • pushing the legs to the stomach;

  • unsuccessful attempts of the child to empty the intestines;

    Use of the drug is indicated only in case of episodic appearance of constipation. If there is a fever, there is a strong bloating and a flaccid state, you should consult a specialist.

    Mikrolaks can not be used when the presence of allergic reactions to the components of the drug. However, this phenomenon is extremely rare. Also, do not use micro-enema in case of injury to the rectum or rectal opening.

    In other cases, use of the drug is permissible. It is important not to exceed the prescribed dosage. This can provoke the emergence of side effects.

    The main advantage of the drug lies in its effectiveness. The child gets to go to the toilet after 15 minutes after the implementation of microclysters.

    In more severe cases, this can occur in 30 minutes. The components of Mikrolaks are sucked into the tissues very quickly and begin to act.

    Despite the fact that the drug Mikrolaks rather innocuous, use it for newborns and babies should be in accordance with the instructions in the instructions for use.

    The daily dose of Mikrolaks is 1 tube. It is not recommended to use the drug for several days in a row in the event that the bowel has not emptied.

    It is necessary to consult a specialist for the appointment of a more effective treatment.

    Experts advise to use the drug only in case of acute necessity. It is advisable to try to get rid of the problem without using medication. Peristalsis is promoted by pure water, stroking the belly and certain foods.

    Microclysters Mikrolaks is much more convenient in using similar drugs for adults. The procedure should be carried out in accordance with certain rules. Further, read on, How correctly to put microclamation Mikrolaks the newborn:

    It is necessary to put the child on a firm surface, having pre-covered it with a disposable diaper;

    Be sure to disinfect hands or wash them with soap;

    Rectal opening is smeared with baby cream or oil;

    It is necessary to open the tube with the remedy, and then press it to make sure that the medicine is free to go outside;

    One hand should raise the baby’s legs to the stomach, and the other – gradually introduce the tip to the specified mark;

    It is necessary to enter the contents of the tube to the end, after which carefully remove the tip from the rectal opening, not unclamping the tube.

    After the procedure, it is desirable to massage the stomach, stroking it clockwise.

    One of the problems that young mothers face; it’s mucus in the feces of children. On the reasons for the appearance and what should be done, you will find out on our website.

    About the prevention of influenza and ARVI in children of school and preschool age, as well as what drugs are used for this, we’ll tell you in a separate article.

    In our next material you will find useful information on how to treat and what signs of dysbiosis in infants.

    Interaction with other drugs

    Mikrolaks is a means of local use. It is not absorbed into the bloodstream, so it does not come into contact with the components of other medications.

    Sometimes, together with Mikrolaksom appoint a certain diet or the introduction of certain foods in the diet of the child. It is also recommended to practice the massage of the abdomen.

    Statistics show that the harm from using Mikrolaks is minimal. Adverse reactions most often occur when the prescribed dosage is not followed or allergy is developed.

  • burning in the anus;

  • an allergic reaction to the skin;

  • discomfort in the abdomen.
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