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Lineks – drops for children: instructions for use, reviews of caring parents, as well as the recommended price for an effective child’s remedy for violation of intestinal microflora

A remedy for the treatment of dysbiosis in children; Drops Linex: instructions for use, parents’ opinions and recommended cost

Violation of the intestinal flora occurs more often in childhood. The process of formation of the gastrointestinal tract is gradual. Even minor factors can influence this process. One of the drugs that successfully restore the intestinal microflora is Linex.

Drops Linex are a biologically active additive to food. The composition includes useful bacteria, which the body lacks in cases of microflora disorders. The drug is available in a bottle with a dropper.

Among them we can distinguish tocopherol, citric acid and sunflower oil.

The drug is taken orally. Doctors recommend using it, both for prevention and for treatment. The main functions are as follows:

  • participation in the synthesis of vitamins;

    Before using Linex drops for children, be sure to read the instructions for use.

    Lineks is a source of probiotic microorganisms. It is recommended to use it from an early age, as an additive to food. The main indication for taking the drug is a suspicion of a dysbiosis. The main features of this deviation include the following:

  • pain in the abdomen;

    The formation of a dysbacteriosis can be influenced by a wide variety of factors. These include the excommunication of the child from breastfeeding, the development of an infectious disease, the eruption of teeth.

    The opinion of the famous doctor Komarovsky on whether it is worth treating dysbacteriosis:

    The drug should not be taken to children who have individual intolerance to the components. There may be an allergic reaction. It is expressed in the appearance of skin rashes and itching.

    Bifidobacteria BB-12, which are part of the drug, balance the intestinal microflora, preventing the formation of colic, flatulence and stool disorders.

    Lineks is effective not only in pathologies caused by natural causes, but also in the presence of infection in the body.

    Therefore, the drug is often used for preventive purposes, during the heyday of rotovirus infections. Due to this, the probability of development of atopic dermatitis decreases.

    Stool adjustment takes place on the first day of Linex’s administration. A few days later, anxiety symptoms completely disappear.

    Children’s drops Linex should be used in the same dosage, regardless of the age of the child. The maximum daily dose is 6 drops. Exceeding the permissible norms is highly undesirable. There may be a negative reaction of the body to the constituents of the drop.

    If in parallel with Lineksom appointed antibiotics, then between medications should be observed interval of 3 hours.

    The general course of treatment is 28 days. If necessary, repeat the use of drops after a short break. Treatment should be agreed with the attending physician.

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    Drops are added to food. As a rule, they are bred in milk or various drinks.

    Before using, shake the vial to mix the contents.

    Vegetable oil, which is a part of, has the property of separating from the main components.

    The liquid has a white tint. A pronounced taste is not observed.

    Experts recommend that you cancel your appointment and contact the clinic if you notice symptoms such as:

  • severe diarrhea and loss of appetite;

  • acute pain in the abdomen;

  • bloody discharge in feces.
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