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Instructions for use of the syrup Fluviert for children of different ages, prices and reviews

Syrup Fluviert for children of different ages: instructions for use, cost, opinions of parents

The preparation Fluviert is considered to be an effective remedy for the treatment of a number of diseases of the ENT organs and the pathways of the respiratory system.

It is offered in two forms of release, which makes it convenient to use. Quite often the drug is recommended for children.

This article provides instructions on the use of the Fluiupt syrup for children, its price in pharmacies, consumer reviews about a child’s medication.

Fluviert is used as an expectorant and mucolytic agent. is he is available in the form of granules and syrup.

The preparation includes substances such as salts of lysine monohydrate (active substance), aspartame, mannitol, citric acid, natural orange flavors, maltose dextrin.

Syrup Fluviert transparent, has a dark yellow hue and a pronounced smell of cherry.

It is produced in the volume of 100 ml, in bottles of dark glass. In the kit there is a dosage cup, packs of cardboard.

Granules are used for the preparation of suspension. They can have a shade from white to light yellow.

The suspension itself will be light yellow, matte, and has a citrus smell.

If you are interested, why develops and how chronic pyelonephritis is treated in children, read our article.

Doctor Komarovsky and this publication will tell how to treat a wet cough in a child.

How much pneumonia is treated in children? Answer the question in this material.

Indication for the use of the drug are bronchial and lung diseases, both acute and chronic, which are the appearance of viscous, hard-to-recover sputum.

These include the following:

Also the list of indications includes diseases of average nursing and paranasal sinuses, which are accompanied by viscous and difficultly detached mucus. Among them, rhinitis, otitis media, adenoiditis, sinusitis.

Also, the drug can be administered to a patient when preparing for bronchoscopy and bronchography.

Of the contraindications to the use of the drug are the following:

  • 1 trimester of pregnancy and time of breastfeeding;

  • peptic ulcer in the period of exacerbation;

  • hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.

  • The product is dispensed without a prescription. Keep it at a temperature of not more than 25 degrees in a place where there is no access for children.

    Shelf life is two years for syrup, and three years for pellets.

    • Lily: A good and inexpensive drug that quickly eliminates cough. The only time - for some reason it is not in all pharmacies. I try to always have it at home, and especially by the autumn, when the children usually get sick. ;
  • Victoria: I gave the syrup to the baby. I liked it, it eliminates cough and all sorts of flu symptoms. However, there are not all pharmacies, and it is consumed quickly enough, so it is better to immediately buy two or three bottles. ;

  • Inna:; The syrup perfectly dilutes sputum, coughs up, fights with symptoms of rhinitis and similar diseases. It is transferred well enough. I give it to the child, and if necessary I use it myself. ;
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