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Instructions for the use of dill water for newborns and babies and how to cook it properly at home

Dill water for newborns: instructions for use and recipes for cooking at home

Dill Vodichka is a proven and safe folk remedy for the treatment and prevention of intestinal colic in newborns and infants. Preparing a drug from fennel seeds, which is otherwise called pharma dill on a water basis. The drug can be purchased in the prescription department of the pharmacy, packaged in 100 ml, or cook at home.

From our article you will learn a detailed instruction on the use of dill water for newborns and babies, as well as recipes for the preparation of medicinal water at home.

Dill water for babies is a 0.1% solution of fennel essential oil in water, that is, 1 ml of the drug contains 1 ml of the active ingredient. To prepare children’s dill, dry fennel fruit is used, and not a concentrated essential oil, which can cause an allergic reaction.

The drug is intended, including for infants in which the gastrointestinal tract is in a state of adaptation to food, since it:

  • activates the work of the intestines;

  • promotes the escape of gases;

  • removes the spasm of the musculature of the walls of the intestine;

  • helps to normalize the microflora of the digestive tract;

  • has a weak antibacterial effect;

    Dill water is also a diuretic, activating the work of the kidneys.

    REFERENCE! The drug is recommended primarily to use nursing mothers not only to prevent intestinal colic in children, but also to enhance lactation.

    In some cases Dill vodichka can, on the contrary, aggravate flatulence in a baby. In this case, you should immediately stop taking the medication and consult a doctor.

    On the pages of our site you will also learn how to give Smect a newborn baby, and how effective this tool is for babies!

    In the next article, read all about the mixture of NAN for newborns: instructions for use and parents’ feedback on this product.

    And what is a mixture for newborn babies from the domestic manufacturer, and whether it is suitable for your child, find out here: http://malutka.pro/zdorove/pitanie/smes-malyutka.html.

    Indications for use: how to drink from colic and with constipation

    Beginning from the third week of life, most babies develop intestinal colic, associated with increased gassing, that is, meteorism.

    This phenomenon is considered quite natural. It is associated with the process of adapting the baby’s gastrointestinal tract to normal digestion. As a rule, colic, or gases disappear completely after three months.

    Nevertheless, they give a lot of suffering both to the baby and to his parents.

    In colic dill vodichka can significantly alleviate the condition for newborns, improving digestion and freeing the intestines from the accumulation of gases and feces. The main signs of colic:

  • severe redness of face:

    In addition to painful colic dill vodichku for newborns are also used:

  • with a restless sleep, since it has a calming effect on the nervous system.

  • Chamomile has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. When combined with a decoction of broth with dill water in a ratio of 1: 1, you can treat dyspepsia. The broth of St. John's wort will stop diarrhea, and mint will not only help normalize digestion, but calm sleep.

    Overdose of the product is possible when preparing at home too intense infusion. In this case, the following side effects are possible:

    This is due to the relaxing effect of fennel. All the symptoms pass very quickly, within four hours. Overdosing is completely harmless to the health of the baby due to the low concentration of active substances.

    In some cases, newborns may be allergic to fennel (dill water), which is accompanied by:

    In this case, you should immediately stop taking dill and consult a pediatrician.

    And do you know how to correctly apply Bifidumbacterin to newborns? About doses and methods of using the drug, read this article.

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