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Instructions for the use of Bebi Kalm drops for newborns and older children

Baby Calm for babies: instruction manual, basic indications and opinions of parents

Young children who are still only breastfed, often exhibit anxious behavior associated with the occurrence of colic.

To get rid of digestive disorders, many means have been created, but for the developing organism the optimal option will be the use of a medicament with natural ingredients.

Baby Baby for newborns fully meets this criterion – the mother gives the child a remedy made solely from herbal components.

This article provides instructions for using Baby Bab (or Babi Kalm, Babikalm) for children: how often to take drops to a newborn during breastfeeding from constipation and colic, how to give a baby a preparation from a refrigerator, what are the prices in pharmacies and parents’ responses.

Composition, form and description of the preparation Bebikalm

The remedy is referred to the pharmacological preparations of the dietary supplements group. On sale it is possible to meet the unique form of release – liquid.

The drug consistency is in a vial (15 ml volume), created from a darkened glass. Visual design of the label: a pink background with the image of a sleeping baby.

The main active ingredients (oils):

An additional component is glycerin, Used to bind three types of oils.

Preparation Bebi Kalm is made by mixing the concentrate with pure water, and only then the emulsion obtained is dosed to the child with a drip dispenser. The drug is manufactured by the company AMMA (Israel).

Pediatricians Babycalm is prescribed for the diagnosis of impaired digestion for newborns and children in the first year of life.

Positive effect in pathological conditions:

The remedy is also referred to as a food adaptant, which helps the newborn’s immature digestive system to adapt more easily to the introduction of new food into the body.

The purpose of Baby Calm in diagnosing hard feces is dictated by the ability of the medication to enhance intestinal peristalsis.

To exclude the presence of an individual intolerance of the drug, Bebi Kalm is first time to be taken in small doses – from 2 to 3 drops.

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Thanks to the completely natural composition, the amount of taboos for taking an Israeli drug is minimal: restrictions include only individual intolerance of components Baby Calm and unpleasant taste associations.

Mint aroma in Baby Calm does not tolerate only 1-2% of babies. If taste rejection is diagnosed, then the drug should be discarded.

The presence of anise oil in the composition helps stimulate the proper functioning of the intestine and simultaneously eliminate flatulence.

The squeeze from mint leaves renders calming effect on the child’s psyche, and also removes internal inflammation.

All pharmacological effects:

Essential oils of dill supplement the carminative properties of anise, and also kill pathogenic bacteria and stop inflammatory processes.

Soothing effect is manifested after 15-20 minutes, but the process of normalization of digestion can vary significantly in time – from one day to two weeks.

Dosage according to age, periodicity of admission

The preparation is prepared by adding a bottle of Baby Balm containing 15 ml of concentrate, boiled water (35 ml) to the bottle. As a result, a 50-milliliter emulsion is obtained, ready for immediate use.

  • pour water to the desired level (marked on the vial);

  • Shake mixed solution;

  • Give the child a fixed volume of emulsion – 10 drops.
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