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How to treat a newborn’s navel with a clothespin: important rules

How to process a newborn’s navel with a clothespin: step by step instruction for moms and dads

The appearance of the baby in the world is the brightest and most memorable event in the life of every parent. Still, after all it is already not necessary to suffer a toxicosis, to put on immense clothes and all the time to live in expectations and experiences.

However, after giving birth, young parents have new difficulties – the first bathing, walking, caring for the baby and feeding. But most importantly, what worries mom and dad upon arrival from the hospital is the treatment of the navel in newborns with a clothespin.

For some parents this process causes horror, because they are so afraid of causing pain to the crumb or doing something wrong. In fact, nothing complicated in this. The main thing is to stick to some important rules.

So, how correctly to process a belly button at the newborn with a clothespin, than it is better to smear it; green, peroxide or chlorophyllipt, and how many days should I take care of the wound at home?

The umbilical cord is the organ, connecting the placenta and embryo. In other words, this is a kind of funicular that stretches from mother to future child.

After a baby is born, the need for this body disappears. Therefore, after the appearance of the baby, the umbilical cord is cut off.

But before this obstetricians pinch the organ with a special clothespin, and then the process of circumcision is already taking place.

With the baby there is only 2 cm of umbilical cord, which after a short period of time disappears independently.

While mom and baby are in the hospital, the umbilical cord is watched by specially trained personnel. As soon as the day of discharge comes, Care for care falls on the fragile shoulders of a young mother.

Here then there are many questions about the healing of the navel in newborns, because the slightest oversight by the parents can lead to irreversible consequences. therefore care for the baby should be careful and careful.

In this article we will tell you everything: on what day the navel of the newborn falls, how often to treat it and how many times a day when it should heal the wound and after what time it is necessary to stop washing it.

A young mother should adhere to some recommendations for caring for the baby’s navel from the first days, which will help her in the future.

No need to listen to the advice of other mothers, friends, neighbors, grandmothers, etc. Even if it seems that you are doing something wrong, you should not seek help from other people.

Each child is individual, and each of them must be cared for in a special way. In this case the ideal option is to contact the pediatrician. Only a doctor is able to give practical advice on a particular case.

If necessary do not go to various forums, where mothers give advice on caring for the child. The reason is the same as in the previous case.

And further – in no case do not use self-medication. This can lead to undesirable consequences.

If you want to know if it is possible to eat tomatoes for a newborn baby, we recommend reading this material.

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The normal level of platelets in the blood in children will tell this article.

In most cases, the navel disappears in the maternity hospital, in this case, the young mother is much easier.

However, if the statement is much earlier, then in this situation everything is somewhat more complicated. Mom falls a huge burden of responsibility. But everything is not as catastrophic as it seems at first glance.

To process the navel with a clothespin in the home medicine cabinet must be:

In addition, care must be taken to ensure that purchase of diapers with a recess for the umbilical. Constant friction can deliver a child a painful sensation.

How to properly process the navel in newborns, see the technique of processing on video:

At first, do not be afraid. Remember that your navel, and the navel of your husband, mom, dad have perfectly healed.

This is a natural process, provided by nature itself. Mom’s task is to help her a little.

Remember all that was said in the maternity home, and follow the advice given.

If there were festering or spotting in the umbilical area ; this is no excuse for unrest. Get rid of this can be using green and hydrogen peroxide.

These funds have:

So, a few drops of hydrogen peroxide should be dripped onto the wound with a pipette. Next, the clothespin is neatly removed, and the area under it is carefully processed. Take care that the peroxide gets on every millimeter of the umbilicus.

Now the turn of the clothespin: it should also be processed. To begin with, it is recommended to wipe it with a sterile cotton pad, and then; treat with alcohol solution.

Next, it is necessary to get wet the area (so that no peroxide remains there), and then drop on the cotton bud and green the umbilicus and again process the navel. After that, you need to attach the clothespin back.

Such a sequence of actions will not allow infection to enter the umbilical region and contribute to its rapid disappearance.

Many mothers are interested in the possibility use of a tool such as chlorophyllipt, for the treatment of the navel of the newborn. Yes, this tool is allowed to use instead of green.

In addition, the drug has a transparent consistency, which will allow you to carefully see all the shortcomings.

How many times a day does the newborn’s navel need to be treated? To carry out the treatment procedure should be at least 2 times a day. On the first day, a pediatrician must attend to this, who will visit you at home.

It is worth saying that before each treatment mum needs to wash hands with soap. For effectiveness, you can use Sterilium.

While the navel of the baby does not fall off, do not tighten it. It is necessary to pay attention to the bathing process. Many refuse to conduct water procedures until the navel is no longer in use.

According to pediatricians, You can swim a child during this period.. However, care should be taken to ensure that water does not enter the wound, otherwise the healing process will take a long time.

If a decision is made to refuse bathing, in this case you can do with wet wipes, which should gently blot all the skin and wrinkles.

How to treat a belly button with a clothespin and what it can be lubricated, except zelenok, will tell in this video Dr. Komarovsky:

Do you know what the raised level of platelets in the blood of a child can say? Answer the question in this article.

The list of ointments for skin allergy in children is presented in our publication.

Instructions for use Miramistine for children up to a year is discussed in this material.

In the normal state The navel should be dry and without redness. In other situations, pediatrician consultation is required. Namely:

  • if from him emits an unpleasant smell;

  • in the region of the navel constantly observed bloody and purulent discharge.
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