Главная 7 Children's diseases 7 Halyazion in a child in the upper or lower eyelid: photo, causes, appearance, treatment, surgical removal

Halyazion in a child in the upper or lower eyelid: photo, causes, appearance, treatment, surgical removal

Halyazion in a child: symptoms of the disease, how not to confuse it with barley and how to treat a baby

Inflammatory eye diseases overtake our babies quite often. Symptoms of some of them are similar, especially in the early stages, and the danger they contain in themselves is great – up to the loss of vision.

Therefore, it is very important to diagnose the disease in time and immediately begin treatment.

In this article, we will tell and show in the photo what are the causes of the appearance of the haljason on the child’s eye, in the upper or lower eyelid. Also, you will learn how to cure haljazion in a child without surgery, when surgical removal is shown and how it is removed.

One of the diseases associated with a violation of the functionality of the sebaceous glands is haljazion, which is localized on the eyelids.

Due to inflammatory processes in the gland, which is located in the depth of the cartilage, a fat secret accumulates, externally revealed by a round capsule on the upper, lower or both eyelids.

This disease affects all age groups of people, but Children most often suffer from it from 5 to 10 years, in second place – adults after 40 years.

As for the first, then haljazion accounts for about 7.5% of all eye diseases in them. The popular name of the disease is hail, as a hard pea is formed due to an ailment on the head.

With its symptoms in the initial stages of the disease, halyason resembles barley, which, when the disease progresses, behaves differently and requires other methods of treatment.

What is halyazion, will tell a video from Pediat Plus:

Loss of functional abilities of sebaceous glands of both eyelids of children’s eyes can for various reasons:

  • they do not always carefully conduct hygienic procedures before their eyes because of the usual fear of getting soap in them;

  • tears on the street, especially in windy weather;

  • severe hypothermia for a long time;

  • transferred viral or infectious diseases, weakening the immune system;

  • some skin diseases;

  • diseases of the digestive tract (chronic gastritis, enterocolitis, etc.);

  • ignored folliculitis on the eyelid (barley);

  • wearing contact lenses or non-compliance with hygiene rules when used in near-sighted children;

  • disturbances in the work of the endocrine system in diabetes.

  • The task of parents is to positively adjust a small patient the fact that the doctor wants to help him, because if you miss the chance to get rid of the disease at first, then you may need surgery, which further traumatizes the psyche of the baby.

    If the drops and ointments did not bring the expected result or the time was lost, and the disease is seen only at the stage of capsule formation, the doctor resorts to medication through injections - corticosteroid therapy.

    Its essence lies in the fact that Steroid drugs are introduced into the halyazine itself, until it hardened, helping it to resolve.

    Sometimes it happens that such procedures will take several, and each subsequent is more difficult for the child to tolerate.

    Here we must proceed from what is best for the baby in a particular case, and Do not delay the procedure, which is considered easy in medical practice and does not involve the use of anesthesia.

    To help a child cope with an ailment, parents can warm compresses, easy eyelid massage with the goal of eliminating stagnation of secret.

    For compresses, use a clean towel or a piece of soft flannel fabric. It is heated to a temperature of no higher than 60 degrees, applied to the eye several times, reheating, three times a day.

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