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Drops Espumizan baby for newborns: instructions for use and reviews

From discomfort in the tummy; Espumizan baby for babies: instructions for use and opinions of parents

The first months of a baby’s life are the most difficult for parents. The child is not yet able to explain what caused his anxiety and irritability.

In most cases, the source of crying of a newborn is hunger or colic. And if the first defect can be easily repaired, then for the second additional knowledge will be required.

It is worth saying that the discomfort in the small tummy; A temporary phenomenon, which in itself passes after the first half of the year. However, this does not mean that during this period the baby does not need help.

Eliminates the pain and discomfort in the tummy tool called espumizan baby, which is intended for newborns.

Let’s consider in more detail the instruction on the use of Espumizan baby for newborns: how to take drops and at what age, how often they can be given to the baby and how much the medication starts to work.

Espumizan baby is designed to reduce flatulence in newborns. The main active component of drops is simethicone.

The auxiliary substances include:

The preparation is made in the form of drops (30 ml). In 1 ml contains 100 mg of the main active ingredient. The liquid in the glass container is placed in a dark color.

Drops are transparent and have a pleasant banana flavor. A vial is issued in a cardboard box, into which a dropper and an instruction for use are placed.

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About the dosage of Smecta for children will tell our publication.

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Espumizan is intended for children, including newborns. What are the indications for the use of the drug? It:

  • aerophagia (loud and frequent belching of the air);

  • functional dyspepsia (symptoms characteristic of stomach disease);

  • gas formation that arose after surgery;

  • when poisoning with chemical blowing agents;

  • intestinal colic in newborn babies, which are manifested by irritability, crying, clamping the legs to the stomach.

  • Later, the doctor explained to me that many medications for newborns do not contain extraneous components that harm the baby's health. One such drug is Espumizan baby. I agreed and bought it.

    After the first application in 20 minutes the child stopped crying. I just did not believe my happiness. Now every time with colic I give this medicine. ;

    Irina: Daughter started screaming wildly in the hospital. The doctor recommended giving Espumizan in drops. The medicine helped in half an hour. Continue to give medicine at the first complaints of the baby on the pain of the tummy (he is 3 years old). ;

    Mayan:; We pediatrician prescribed drops due to excessive gas formation in the intestine (on examination, the tummy turned out to be hard). Gave 4 days. At the subsequent reception the tummy was mild. ;

    Drops do not have side effects and contraindications (except for intestinal obstruction). Allowed to use the baby from the first days of life.

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