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Diathesis in infants: treatment and photo symptoms in newborns and infants

Photo, description and features of treatment of diathesis in infants

Redness and flaking of the skin in nursing babies, multilayer scaly crust on the scalp of the baby, persistent intertrigo – all this is commonly referred to as diathesis. In the medical literature this term denotes the type of physique and the related features of the child’s metabolism.

If improper treatment of manifestations of diathesis at a later age, he can go to neurodermatitis, atopic dermatitis, endogenous or atopic eczema. In the article, we will discuss in detail what causes diathesis in infants with gv, what to do if there are signs of illness in newborns and how to treat it.

According to many experts, the main cause of pathological reactions is hereditary predisposition. Known manifestations of allergic reactions in the period of intrauterine development.

In addition to the hereditary factor of diathesis in the infants on the body provoke:

  • complications of pregnancy, in particular long-term toxicosis;
  • unbalanced nutrition during pregnancy and during lactation, use of highly allergenic foods;

  • chronic infectious diseases of the mother;

  • some drugs used during pregnancy;

  • unfavorable ecological situation in the region of residence;

    In addition, the development of clinical symptoms of diathesis in infants can provoke:

  • woolen and synthetic fabrics;

  • food and household allergens;

  • violation of the composition of microflora;

    Manifestations of diathesis in the baby are partly due to and immaturity of the immune and endocrine and other physiological systems child.

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    To date, described more than 20 varieties of pathology, different for reasons of origin, the mechanisms of development, clinical manifestations.

    At the same time, all varieties and variants of diathesis have common symptoms:

  • propensity to diseases with hypertrophy of peripheral lymph nodes;

  • seborrheic crusts on the scalp;

  • propensity to diaper rash;

  • stable stool disorders;

  • excessive or inadequate mass of the body bordering on dystrophy;

  • plaque and cracks in the mucous membrane of the tongue.

  • Diagnosis in newborns

    Since diathesis is a manifestation of constitutional features and indicates an increased risk of pathological changes from different organs and systems, a set of diagnostic measures is assigned individually.

    Mandatory blood tests and urine tests are prescribed. In addition, the level of cholesterol, uric acid, phospholipids, catecholamines, the content of immunoglobulins, lymphocytes different groups.

    Biochemical analysis of urine, studies of feces for dysbacteriosis and the presence of other parasites are carried out.

    When lymphatic-hypoplastic type of constitution there may be a need for X-ray examination of chest organs, ultrasound of the adrenal glands, liver, spleen, thymus and other organs, depending on the clinical manifestations of the disease.

    Is it possible to remove diathesis in the baby on the cheeks and other areas and how to treat the baby correctly? We will tell further.

    How to get rid of diathesis in the baby and what to do when diagnosing this ailment? In the treatment of different forms of diathesis in infants, general principles apply. First of all it is - correction of the lactating mother's diet, preservation of breastfeeding, careful choice of foods for complementary foods, adherence to the day regimen and care.

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