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Cough Proscan: instruction for children and parents’ feedback

Natural cough medicine Prospan: instructions for use for children and recommendations for admission

When it comes to treating a child, preference should be given to medicines based on plant components. They do not adversely affect the growing body. Despite this, they are able to cope effectively with existing diseases. To such preparations it is possible to attribute Проспан.

From our article you will learn the instructions for the use of syrup and a drop of cough Prospan for children, as well as how to apply the drug with a wet and dry cough, and how much does the baby drug in pharmacies!

Prospan has been on the pharmaceutical market for more than 50 years. It is available in the form of syrup and drops.

The main active ingredient is ivy leaf extract. In 1 ml of syrup contains 7 mg of the main component. A 100 ml of drops include only 2 mg of extract.

The drug has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Antibacterial effect is achieved due to the content of saponins in the composition.

Proshpan has and expectorant effect, which allows you to fight with various types of cough. Due to the presence of flavonoids, the salt is derived from uric acid.

The syrup is in a dark vial equipped with a special dispenser. The suspension has a light brown tinge and a pleasant cherry flavor.

On the pages of our site you will also learn how to treat a cough in a child without fever and what medications the doctors recommend to use!

And what other cough syrups of vegetable origin can be used for children? Describe the most effective drugs in this article.

About how to stop the so-called; barking; coughing in the child, and what means are best taken with this symptom, we will tell here: http://malutka.pro/bolezni/lor/siropy-ot-kashlya.html.

At what cough are children given to Prospan? It is used to treat diseases accompanied by coughing. It also effectively fights the inflammatory process.

The main purpose of the drug is separation of sputum. Due to this dry cough is transformed into moist.

Use of the drug is practiced in the presence of the following diseases:

Ivy extract has the ability to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms and prevents their reappearance.

Any medicine has limitations in admission. Prospan is no exception. Do not take it when there is intolerance to the components. This can cause an allergic reaction.

The effectiveness of the drug is based on the content of ivy extract. He has a powerful expectorant effect. Together with other useful components, Prospan can easily cope with a cough and inflammation in the respiratory system.

The effectiveness of the drug has been proven by many years of experience in medicine. The drug does not leave the shelves of pharmacies to this day.

For each dosage form there is a certain dosage. It is set by the pediatrician, depending on the age and weight of the child.

The instruction says that children under 1 year, Prospan syrup is given 2.5 ml, twice a day. In the interval from 1 to 6 years the number of receptions is increased to three times. The single dosage remains the same.

For children of school age, the dose for one intake is 5 ml.

The drops should be taken after the year. At the age of up to three years, the daily dose is 30-50 drops. Reception should be done 3-5 times a day. In the interval of 4 to 7 years, the dosage is increased. One-time reception can include 15 drops.

In the package with syrup, you can find a measuring cup, with which it is very convenient to measure the right amount of the drug.

After each use, it is recommended to thoroughly wash the cup with running water. The syrup is taken orally. Before use, shake the vial to connect the components.

Drops of Prospan taken internally. For convenience of use, they are diluted with a small amount of water. Admission is necessary in the process of eating. It is also possible to use a medicament in the preparation of a solution for inhalation.

For inhalations with Prospan, any nebulizer. The device is instilled with 25-30 drops of Propane, which are diluted with pure water in a ratio of one to two.

When the drug interacts with drugs that interfere with the cough reflex, problems with sputum discharge may occur. Moreover, its stagnation is capable of provoking an inflammatory process in the area of ​​the tracheobronchial tree. That is why it is undesirable to combine the reception of Prospan with such tools as Sinekod, Kodelak, Libeksin and Stoptussin.

Such medications as Muciltin and Bromhexine can be combined with Proppanom. But the reception should be separate. In the morning hours one medicine is taken, in the evening – another.

In some cases, there is a chance of side effects. Sorbitol, which is part of the suspension and drops, has a laxative effect on the gastrointestinal tract. This can lead to an insignificant disorder of the child’s stool.

When an allergic reaction occurs, the formation of urticaria and skin itching is noted. All symptoms occur immediately after the drug is withdrawn. On the liver, kidneys and circulatory system, the active substances are not affected by the influence.

Within the Russian Federation, the cost of the syrup can reach 320 rubles. In some areas, you can find a suspension at a price of 240 rubles.

The cost of drops varies between 170 and 230 rubles. This range of prices is due to different pricing policies, depending on the location of the pharmacy.

You do not need a doctor’s prescription to buy a medicine.

Store the medicine should be appropriately. This will ensure its safety for the duration specified in the instructions. Based on the following principles:

  • In the open state the drug performs its functions no longer than a month;

  • Storage temperature should not exceed 25 degrees;

  • The total shelf life is 3 years from the date of manufacture;

  • Storage should be carried out in a dark place.
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