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Children’s syrup Ibufen: instruction for children of all ages

From pain and heat; syrup Ibufen for children: instructions for use, cost and precautions

Ibufen is an effective children’s antipyretic agent, which is available as a syrup.

Refers to the NSAID group. It also has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

What is the instruction for the use of children’s syrup Ibufen, what is the dosage of the drug for children of different ages, the price of the drug and the parents’ feedback about it? Let’s understand!

The main active substance in this medicine is ibuprofen. 5 ml of the suspension accounts for 100 mg of this substance.

The remaining components are of an auxiliary nature. These include Cremophor RH-40, sodium phosphate dihydrate, magnesium and aluminum silicates, sucrose and glycerin.

Also in production, the use of propylene glycol, E218 or methylhydroxybenzoate, E216 or propylhydroxybenzoate, citric acid, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, sodium saccharin, crospovidone, as well as the flavor of orange, purified water and orange-yellow colorant is required.

The drug has a pronounced taste and the smell of orange, which makes it very pleasant to the taste.

Produced in 100 ml vials. Made of opaque orange glass. It is not excluded the formation of sediment, so before taking shots to get a homogeneous mass.

The vial is closed by a plastic lid by screwing. The kit includes instructions and a special syringe dispenser.

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After taking the drug inside most of it, namely about 80%, absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract. As a result, the active substance is connected to the blood plasma proteins.

So, the enzyme is inhibited, which is responsible for the development of microorganisms, as a result of which the body temperature of the child rises. Also, the intensity of inflammatory processes decreases.

To reduce pain, the active substance exerts a local effect on the pain receptors in the locus of the disease.

The withdrawal of the drug from the body is carried out together with urine in the form of glucuronic acid. A small part is allocated simultaneously with bile. About 1% of the drug comes out of the body in an unchanged form.

The whole process takes about 24 hours. The effect lasts for 6-8 hours.

Children syrup Ibufen prescribed for children in several cases, namely during colds, ARVI, flu, angina and other diseases that cause high body temperature in the patient.

To reduce the pain sensation, possible application for dental and headache, neuralgia, joint pain, during injuries and teething.

The main contraindication is individual intolerance one or more substances of the given medicinal preparation, including fructose.

Do not prescribe the drug when:

  • problems of the gastrointestinal tract with the process of absorption of carbohydrates;

  • ulcer of the stomach or duodenum;

  • disorders of blood clotting processes;

  • liver and kidney disease in severe stages of development;

  • polyposis sprouting in the nasal cavity;

  • and with a child weighing up to 7 kg, and his age is less than 6 months.
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