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Aquadetrim drops: instructions for use for newborns and infants

Vitadens Vitamins: instructions for use for newborns and infants

At all times, mothers especially enjoy the birth of children to the sun; spring or summer, when it becomes possible to walk with the baby longer. That this is useful is clear even to those who are far from biology and chemistry. Well, the most advanced women know: thanks to the sun’s rays, vitamin D3 begins to be produced in the body, which means that calcium is better absorbed – an important element for the growth and development of the baby.

Pharmacists have eliminated the injustice by creating a replacement for the winter children in the sun – a drug called Aquadetrim, which contains the vitamin already in ready-to-use dosage form.

From our article you will learn detailed instructions on the use of the drug Aquadetrim for newborns and babies, and also about how much time you need to give drops to kids!

Composition, active substance, description, form of release

Aquadetrim is an aqueous solution of vitamin D3 (scientifically – colcalciferol), which is the active substance of the drug. In 1 ml of the solution (this volume is approximately 30 drops), its amount is 15,000 IU (used internationally for measuring the dose of the active substance).

This is important to know, since the dosage of Aquadetrim in instructions for use can indicate both in droplets and in IU.

The composition of the drug, in addition to vitamin D3, includes:

  • sodium hydrophosphate dodecahydrate (a substance with alkaline properties);

  • Benzyl alcohol (serves as a preservative);

  • monohydrate of citric acid (a component of many drugs);

  • flavoring (usually anise);

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    Vitamin D3 is needed for a child’s body to saturate with calcium, and therefore, contributes to the formation of its locomotor system, teeth. Its role is also important for the work of the heart, vessels, parathyroid glands.

    Indications for the use of Aquadetrim are:

  • rickets (as well as rachitis-like diseases);

  • hypocalcemic tetany (consequence of the termination of the intake of newborn calcium from the mother, among the symptoms – muscle cramps);

  • osteoporosis (increased brittleness of bones);

  • osteomalacia (softening of bones, which leads to deformation of the bones of the skull);

  • osteopathy (insufficient mineralization of bone tissue).

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    Nina F .: My daughter was three months old when the doctor discharged Aquadetrim. We had a scuff on the nape, and hairs - very thin and brittle. And also - sweating in a dream. The effect of drops appeared after 2 weeks - the hair grew back, the fontanel decreased.

    Vera R .: In my opinion, the dispenser is very unsuccessful. The bottle needs to be shaken for a long time, because of this, one drops at a time, not just one, but several drops. But you need to make sure that every drop is important for a baby.

    Tatiana M .: I know moms who are afraid to give the children something medicinal, even vitamins. Conversely, I am convinced; let there be a prophylaxis, than a long treatment. She gave her son recommended by pediatrician Aquadetrim; the baby grew strong, without rickets.

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