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Premature birth: symptoms, causes

Premature birth

Pregnant women, as a rule, have many reasons for concern. Is everything ok with their baby? Is the pregnancy normal? Will not premature birth begin? The problem of miscarriages remains acute today. In this regard, each future mother just needs to be able to recognize the signs of premature birth. You also need to know what their causes may be, what to do in this situation and how to avoid premature births. Such information will never be superfluous, as, as you know, warned – it means armed.

Premature birth: symptoms, causes

The world medical practice considers premature births, which occurred at the period of 22 to 37 weeks of pregnancy. In our country, the termination of gestation at 22-27 weeks is considered premature birth when the child lives longer than 7 days after birth, if children can not survive, then such cases are defined as late miscarriages. Modern medicine allows children to leave, who were born on the 23-24th week and have a weight over 0.5 kg, but, of course, not all hospitals have the appropriate equipment and equipment.

Children who are born at the age of 29-31 weeks of pregnancy often survive, as their weight usually exceeds 1 kg, the lungs are already sufficiently formed and ready for respiratory activity.

It is not necessary, after observing the first symptoms, to try to get to the maternity home on their own or by taxi - the extra activity only provokes the generic activity more strongly. First of all, you need to call an ambulance, and then try to relax and calm down. For this, you can take any sedative (motherwort, valerian) and antispasmodic (2 tablets no-shpy).

Before the arrival of doctors you need to lie down, you can talk with your baby, it will also help to calm down a bit.

In a specialized medical institution, doctors will necessarily conduct a thorough examination, assess all risks and the likelihood of delivery before the due date, select the appropriate treatment.

If a pregnant woman is diagnosed only with the threat of premature birth, she will most probably not be hospitalized, the treatment will be performed on an outpatient basis. In this case, they can appoint:

  • tocolytic therapy (so that the mother will dissolve);
  • sedatives (so that the nervous system of a woman calms down, stress goes away);
  • physiotherapy;
  • full physical and sexual rest.

Such treatment should help to save the pregnancy and endure the baby before the term.

Further, eliminate the cause, which can again provoke such a situation. If a genital infection is found, drugs will be prescribed to treat it. If the blame is an istmiko-cervical insufficiency of the cervix, they can apply seams to the surface of the womb to prolong pregnancy, or wear a special ring (it will pull the neck off and not let it open).

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