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Postpartum period

Postpartum period. Changes in the body of a woman

After your baby saw the light, and the uterus completely cleared of the afterbirth, the postpartum period begins. It lasts 6 weeks, which is associated with the complete restoration of the mucous layer of the uterus.

What happens during this period in the body, what dangers lie in wait for you, what rules to observe? Let’s search for answers to questions together.

During this period, all organs and systems are rebuilt and return to their prenatal dimensions and functions. There are certain changes in the cervix, vagina, perineal muscles, anterior abdominal wall, mammary glands.

The most noticeable processes occur in the reproductive organs.

After birth, the weight of the uterus is about 1000 g, but by the end of the second week it weighs about 300 g, and by the end of the fourth, it reaches prenatal dimensions, and in lactating people it becomes even less.

Restoration of the endometrium occurs quite quickly – by 7-10 days after birth. The only exception is the placental area (the place of attachment of the placenta). Its complete healing occurs by the end of the 6th week.

These muscles are gradually restored, but not always completely. Folding of the vagina is restored by the third week, its volume is reduced, puffiness disappears, abrasions and gaps are healed.

To restore the tone of the muscles of the perineum and the front abdominal press, it is necessary to perform a set of physical exercises from the second day after the birth, being in the maternity hospital.

On the second day you need to take a shower, and perform the procedure further daily. Special attention is required by bodies directly related to childbirth.

Mammary glands are recommended to be washed daily with warm water and soap. It is mandatory to wear a special comfortable, matched bra.

External genitalia should be washed 4-5 times a day.

On the 4th-6th day they make an extract of the mother and the baby home. If the birth has gone well and the postpartum period is favorable, you may be discharged earlier.

Within 2 weeks after childbirth, visit your gynecologist.

Sexual life is recommended to begin no earlier than 6 weeks after childbirth (previously it was indicated that it is the epithelialization of the endometrium). Contraceptive pills can be taken after 3 weeks, intrauterine contraceptives are allowed in a month (after caesarean section - after 2 months).

Postpartum period

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