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How much does a cesarean section cost: prices abroad and in Russia

How much does a cesarean section cost?

That’s the end of the long 9 months of waiting. Soon the light will appear your baby. But ahead is the most important and difficult stage – childbirth.

So you want everything to go well, quickly and without pain, and you were able to return home with a healthy child as soon as possible. So now the future mother asks questions:

  • where and how best to give birth?
  • what is better: childbirth or caesarean section?
  • but if the indications for surgery no, but I’m very afraid to give birth myself?
  • how much is a cesarean section?

The answer is very simple. Cesarean section will cost as much as you are willing to pay for it.

Let’s start in order. If you have indications for a planned operation: a tripe on the uterus, pregnancy after IVF, an incorrect fetus position, severe heart disease, nervous system, high degree myopia, fetal hypoxia, etc. – then you will be given a planned cesarean absolutely free in the state. house, in which you will send a doctor of a woman’s consultation.

However, if you really want to pay, then there you can offer additional services for a fee.

For example, choose a specific doctor who will perform the operation, a separate room in which relatives can visit, suture material, choose a doctor for the newborn and so on.

If not only the doctor, but also the genus. you decided to choose a house on your own, then the price list of paid services, including the cesarean section, the exact prices can be found on the site of the chosen clinic.

And it is even better to get in front of the clan in advance. house, meet with a doctor who will do the surgery and discuss all the issues on the spot.

The future mother is very afraid of giving birth alone, from the first day of pregnancy she set herself up for an operation. He believes that only thanks to Caesarean delivery will be without pain and without consequences.

To begin with, you need to think again carefully.

It is not worth to be afraid of birth. All the same, unlike cesarean, it is a physiological process. For fear to go away, try to find as much information about childbirth as possible. You can attend courses for pregnant women, read more about childbirth, watch movies. Take the birth of a husband or one of the relatives for moral support.

Cesarean section is a serious operation, which has its shortcomings and complications. Firstly, lying down on the operating table, you put your health at risk, and sometimes life.

There are long-term consequences: pain due to adhesions and nerve damage, menstrual irregularity, inflammation of the uterus, infertility, postoperative hernia, with subsequent pregnancy and childbirth, there may be difficulties due to scar on the uterus, endometriosis - proliferation of the mucous uterus in the abdominal cavity or in a postoperative scar, which is accompanied by severe pain associated with the menstrual cycle.

This is explained by the fact that in the process of birth, the fetal lung ripens under the influence of hormones controlling this process.

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